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The Brave Slave

A myth submitted to the site by Denise

Village, England

Once upon a time lived a boy called Dennis, who worked as a slave for the princess called Kelly. Now, Kelly was a kind hearted princess that loved to sing to Dennis while he worked. One day Dennis had the courage to tell Kelly how lovely her voice was but, She thought he was lying because she sometimes went off key and goes deeper a few times by accident.
"But your majesty! your voice is amazing!"Declared Dennis
"Are you sure? Well, even if you lie i will not accept this, off you go!"demanded Kelly. Later on that day, Kelly heard a women scream "HELP!" the women cried! Kelly ran straight towards her, going the right way, With Dennis found jumping on the rooftops, with a sword, going faster than Kelly!

They finally arrived to rescue the women,
"What's happened?"asked Kelly
"Th-there's a dragon on the loose!!"she said worriedly
"Well can you at least tell us where it went?"said Dennis
"It's well... uh it's....."
"IT'S WHERE!!" demanded Dennis immediately!
"IT'S RIGHT BEHIND YOU!!"she warned!
"OH NO!"shouted Kelly...
Suddenly Dennis springed into action!
"Come and get it drago!"said Dennis
"Be careful!"The women and Kelly said
"Stand back!"Dennis commanded
LIT!SLIT!BAM!went the sword!The dragon had bad cuts and blood on its neck!
"Now, i will finish you off!"Dennis said bravely!
SSSSSSSSSLLIT!!the sword went, slowly, making the dragons head fall off!
"WOW!YOUR A HERO!thanks alot Dennis!"Kelly and the women thanked Dennis!

The next day, Kelly went to visit Dennis.
"well done Dennis, You deserve this gold medal!Kelly said
"Why thank you, Kelly, I love gold!"Dennis replied. Then they both laughed!


By Denise
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