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The Fall of Aristeus

A myth submitted to the site by J.R.

Ancient Greece

Laying on his knees asking himself, “What have I done?” the blood in his brain was about to explode because he was that angry. It was like a snake had unleashed its venom into a mouse. Laughing with a smile Orpheus thought of a brilliant idea to seek his revenge against Aristeus.

Quickly Orpheus started his journey because he was bursting to get his revenge against Aristeus. Sneakily Orpheus thought he had to catch Aristeus whilst in disguise but while he was following Aristeus, he realised he didn’t need one he would just set up a trap.

When Orpheus was looking for the arrogant Aristeus, because he had broken his heart, he found him in a village. He had every single bit of the plan ready. He got his lute to persuade the snake to meet Aristeus and got the chains in his bag ready to lock him in the palace.
Orpheus knew he had to do this. He had no choice but to get revenge on Aristeus and nothing would make him feel better after his devastation over his beloved wife Eurydice.

Claiming revenge against Aristeus would be difficult because everything had to be in place but this was the moment he had been waiting for.
“Now Aristeus, these are your last moments, say goodbye and feel my wrath,” Orpheus told Aristeus in a mad voice. “Get ready,” the snake that had bitten Eurydice was there and Orpheus played the lute to persuade the snake to attack Aristeus. Meanwhile Orpheus locked Aristeus in with the keys in his pocket. Orpheus had to do this even though he was committing a sin.

Gaining revenge was the only thing that would make Orpheus feel better because there were pieces of his heart being shattered apart after seeing Eurydice being banished back to the underworld. It made Orpheus feel he needed to get her back; part of it was Aristeus’s fault for kissing her.
Whilst the snake was attacking Aristeus, Orpheus muttered, “Aristeus will not come out alive I will make sure he doesn’t survive. The snake will get angry and hurt you with its fangs and its venom.”

A moment later the snake went on Aristeus’s stomach and squeezed Aristeus to death. Would this sin guarantee Orpheus’ entry to the underworld?
Then Orpheus got a knife and stabbed himself in the heart. A few moments later the gates opened because Orpheus had committed a sin. He saw Eurydice; they were ghosts and lived together forever whilst being tortured for their sins.

By J.R.
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