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The Legend of the Genie

A myth submitted to the site by Leianai Wallace

One day a woman was walking in the woods to pick fruit, and found a small lamp on the ground. The woman didn't know what it was so she brought it home to look at it closer. It was a little bit dusty so the woman brushed the dirt off of it.

Suddenly, there was a big blast of different colors coming out of the lamp. Then a person appeared! But, instead of having feet and being on the ground, he had a tail like a ghost and was floating!
"Hello! I am, Martin, a genie. Since you have found my lamp I will grant you three wishes!" The man said.
"Three wishes?" the woman said.
"Yes, anything you wish I will grant."
The woman smiled at this. She could have anything she wants. "I wish I could have long hair." Martin nodded and granted her wish except one problem; she had so much long hair it was filling up the whole house!
"Genie! This is not what I wanted!" The woman screamed.
"You said you wanted long hair."
"Yeah, but not this long." The girl grabbed some scissors from the kitchen and cuts her long hair to the size she actually wanted.
"OK, well, I got too more wishes. I wish Mark Hamilton will fall in love with me." So, the genie granted her wish and made Mark fall in love with a girl named Me.
"Genie! I wanted Mark to fall in love with me, Leianai Wallace! Not a girl actually named me!" The genie shrugged. The girl made another wish. She wished that she was rich. The genie made it so that she would rob a bank. After her last wish the genie went back to his lamp. The girl went to jail for 20 years because she robbed so much money.


By Leianai Wallace
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