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Odysseus and Monclops

A myth submitted to the site by Alice

Odysseus and Monclops

Long, long ago heroic Odysseus and his men were sailing across the calm, blue ocean. Their defeat over the one eyed, Cyclops, Polyphemus, was a victorious win! They had also been involved in a violent war called The Trojan War ! As a result, they were just looking forward to getting home!

Suddenly, the wind picked up and the blue sea became black and frothy! Many men were feeling sick, but Odysseus saw it through. They only ever happen Poseidon wants revenge.

Of course, being a God, Poseidon got what he wanted. Great Odysseus survived the sea storm, but many of his weak men didn’t. The ships were damaged and also very dangerous . They were blown to a mysterious island so they decided to stop there and fix the boats. Some men stayed while others went with Odysseus.

“Walk round here ,this part is dangerous,” said Odysseus. Three or four men took no notice of Odysseus, so they died in the quicksand.

“That is what happens, my friends - ignorance causes death!” warned Odysseus, while watching their deaths.

They carried on walking, and came to a rocky path which they went straight up. They could see towering mountains, mossy rocks and huge caves. The atmosphere took them by surprise! The men with Odysseus could hear the groans and moans of a terrible monster.

“We will slay that monster!!!!” shouted Odysseus raising his sword.

“YARRRRRR!!!!!!” screamed the men nervously.

They all galloped towards the massive cave where the horrible noises were blaring out. Odysseus and his men, made their way to the mouth of the cave very carefully. A huge monster was sleeping there. It had three heads, four legs, five hands and nine eyes. The green ugly monster awoke. Odysseus just gaped at it.

“I am Monclops. Who are you?” boomed the monster.

“I am Odysseus,” said Odysseus proudly.

“You have a silly name Sir Odysseus !”

“Well you cannot speak, I’m afraid!”

Monclops went up in a rage. Great Odysseus drew out his silver sword, and slashed at Monclops. Off came a hand! Then off came a head! After that came a final leg!

“ARGHHH!” screamed the dangerous monster, as it dropped to the floor .

“Monclops is DEAD!!!!” shouted everyone!

They made their long trek back to the ships. Odysseus boarded the ship, just looking forward to getting home back to Penelope and Telemachus. But would they ever get there…?

By Alice
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