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Charlo and Odysseus

A myth submitted to the site by Annabel

Charlo and Odysseus

Long, long ago a famous solider called Odysseus travelled in his ship to a mysterious island in the Aegean Sea and fought a terrible war with an even more terrible monster! His name was Polyphemus . The heroic Odysseus blinded the horrible monster, which was not a good idea , because little did Odysseus know , Polyphemus was the son of Poseidon . Poseidon was now annoyed so vowed to do something to Odysseus and his men when they got onto their ship and started sailing away …

They were on their ship when it all started to go wrong . They were sailing back home when the sea frighteningly reared up and started pushing and blowing them until they crashed into another island. All around them were skulls and nut shells scattered around all around the island. There was also one massive mountain with a cave at its summit. They all wondered what live up there? Suddenly a huge ….. thing, it looked like a gigantic chipmunk , Odysseus had heard of this monster s name was Charlo . He has huge teeth as big as bed, eye as big as boulders and a scabbard with a knife as big as a samurai sword in it! He came bounding towards them. Luckily, they hid themselves in the sand until he clambered back up the mountain.

They had to get in there but how? Odysseus and his men, the next morning crept up to Charlo’s cave while he was sleeping and everyone hid in one half of a nut shell and waited until the monster awoke . When he did Odysseus launched a sharpened skull at Charlo’s teeth and cracked them, Charlo screamed in agony!

While Charlo was distracted by his shattered teeth, Odysseus and his men rolled down the mountain in a gigantic nut shell like it was a ball! They got to the bottom as Charlo was starting to chase after them Odysseus’s men began rowing frantically trying to get away from the island. Charlo was crouching about to launch himself at the ship! It was a near miss. Seconds later Odysseus shouted “I am the great Odysseus and will never be defeated! “ They continued on their voyage back to Ithaca. Little did they know Poseidon and Charlo were plotting revenge …

By Annabel
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