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The Adventures of Odysseus

A myth submitted to the site by Ben

The Adventures of Odysseus

Long, long ago there was a man called Odysseus and he had a crew. They had just defeated the Cyclops Polyphemus, Odysseus was really happy! But Poseidon was already planning his revenge! He would make a monster, a killer Dragon!!!
Suddenly there was a massive storm. Odysseus tried to get out but it was too strong. They got stranded on an island, their boat was broken. Odysseus and four men got out of the boat and explored the island. There were lots of rocks, stones and trees. There was a mountain with a cave in it!!!

One of Odysseus’s men went back to the boat and got a rope. He ran as fast as he could not caring what he was stepping on. The only thing he could hear was Odysseus’s voice telling him to hurry up. They needed the rope, they needed to explore the deep dark cave! Odysseus and his men started climbing the mountain, it was very hard. They got half way up and stopped for a split second break. Odysseus was at the edge of the cave and he clambered in. There was a huge noise. The men were frightened and scared but they were committed to doing this task. They forced themselves in.

When they got in Odysseus and his men took out their swords and walked further into the cave. Quick as a flash the monster jumped out and ate two of the men. Odysseus swiped his sword across one of the monster’s heads and across its other heads. Sooner or later the monster was dead. Odysseus called it the killer dragon it had five heads, colourful tail and body. Odysseus ran back to the boat and told everyone. The boat was ready so they left. Odysseus was really happy and he couldn’t wait to see Penelope and Telemachus to tell them all about it.


By Ben
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