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Odysseus and the Monster

A myth submitted to the site by Charlie

Odysseus and the Monster

A long long time ago Odyeus and his men were fighting the trogan wars and they had easily won. Odyseus and his men set sail for home but ended up on an island stuck with the cyclops Polyphemas .they blinded him and Posidon Polyphemas father, vowed revenge.

When Odyseus and his men were on their way back to Ithica but Posidon made giant water wolves and pushed on to dead man's island Apparently the worst island in the world, Odyseus and his went look for fire wood. They entered a cave with crusty bones scattered all over the place.

They chose to camp in there but when they got in there they saw a giant three eyed monster. The monster tied the crew up to the wall and ate them one by one until there were two left and they untied themselves and it was two men against one monster. You would think that the monster would win but Odyseus drew his sword and did a clear cut on the monsters lag,then the arm then finally the head. Odyseus won and the giant three-eyed monster has lost.

The two men made their way out and they needed to fix the ship it took a long time to fix the ship because there was only two of them.
They did it in the end. They fixed the ship and went back to Ithica with a dodgy ship. As they sailed away Odyseus was relieve that he had defeated the terrifying monster

By Charlie
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