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The Crackletail

A myth submitted to the site by Evie

The Crackletail

Odysseus and his men had just left the Trojan Wars. They stopped at an island to get some food. To their disappointment there was a frightening monster. The men stabbed its huge eye out. Next they got on their ship. The blinded monster threw a boulder. Thankfully it missed! That monster’s father was Poseidon, God of the Sea, and he had vowed revenge! The waves got rough so the boat started to tip. The scared army jumped into the sea but they soon regretted it!
The next thing they knew they were washed up on a sandy beach!
“What luck!” the men thought!
They didn’t know there was a monster on the island!

They had lost a few men (the ones who couldn’t swim) and were slowly walking across land. They knew they would probably live here the rest of their lives, as they had no boat! The strong men walked until they came face to face with a huge, bright monster. It was stripy with all the brightest colours imaginable! It had four arms, two long and two short. Both long arms had a big green button on. It had fangs, three eyes, pink wings, six legs and huge stingers that look like a crackling tail. It scared the life out of the men! What were they going to do?

They sprinted to a nearby cave, too terrified to come out! After a day and a half, they were absolutely starving! They were still too terrified to come out! One man drew the short straw. He went out to get food. The others were watching the man as he left. The monster tiptoed behind, and pressed the green button. Out from its mouth came scorching water. The man shrieked in agony - he was almost dead. The creature stung the man to check he was dead then gobbled him up! The monster strolled over to an extinct volcano and opened a wooden door…

The man named the monster The Crackletail because of its stingers that looked like a tail crackling. Odysseus came up with an idea! A few men would sneak into the forest to collect sap when Crackletail wasn’t looking. Next, when it left the volcano, they would sneak in and cover the floor in sticky sap. This is what they did! They walked into the forest, got leaves and wood and wiped the sap onto them. They went back to find the men waiting impatiently. A few hours later, the colourful creature flew out of the volcano. The excited men got the leaves and wood which had the sap on and ran over to the volcano. Next they smothered the sap on the floor. They ran out quickly so they didn’t get stuck in the sap. Not long after that, the monster swooped in. A second later they heard a scream and the men giggled with glee. A couple had swords out - their plan had worked!

They sliced its arm off, so it didn’t press the green button. They chopped its stingers off, so it couldn’t sting. Now the creature was in agony! Odysseus stabbed the sword in its heart and all the men cheered!

Next the men set to work making a boat and they chatted happily whilst doing it. A few months later they left the island on the boat they made. Everybody was happy about seeing their family, except Odysseus who was over the moon!

By Evie
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