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Greek Adventure

A myth submitted to the site by Isabella

Greek Adventure

A long, long time ago after Odysseus AND HIS CREW HAD DEAFETED POLYPHEMUS LATLY AFTER THE TEN YEARS BATTLE OF THE TROJEN WAR. POSEIDON HAD PLANNED HIS REVENGE. HE WAS GOING TO MAKE a huge storm and blow Odysseus and his crew away to an unknown island with Catophemus, a terrifying beast!

The next day Odysseus and his crew were sailing in a mid-afternoon there was a huge storm which blew them away to a weird island. Early in the morning, Odysseus woke up and heard a terrifying roar! Odysseus and his men explored the island. It was coming towards night and Odysseus found a huge cave that they would spend the night in.

The next morning they saw a huge cat in front of them with 3 eyes, 3 sharp and pointy teeth, his claws were sharp and glistened in the sunlight. His fur was a dirty old orange colour with deep scars across his belly. Odysseus had realised that 10 of his men were missing the cat must of ate them. He drew his sword out and said
“I am Odysseus and I will defeat you!” he shouted. The cat tried to poison Odysseus with his glistening claws but Odysseus flung his sword in front of him to protect him. With 2 mighty blows of his sword the monster was killed.
Odysseus saved his men again . Poseidon was very angry with this and what he saw.

By Isabella
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