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Odysseus and Grantheas

A myth submitted to the site by Jack


Long long ago there was a man called Odysseus. He and his crew had just fought in the Trojan War in Troy. After that they went to an unknown island. They met an evil, cunning Cyclops. His name was Polyphemus, and he out of out of Cyclops’s on the Island, was by far the meanest. They managed to blind him and get off the island. That made Polyphmus `s father, Poseidon angry!

They tried to sail away from the island but they couldn’t. Suddenly there was a huge wave summoned by Poseidon ‘God of the sea’. They got sent buy this humungous wave all the way to another increadible, marvellous and unknown .They put their anchor in the sand, and made sure it was stable ,and then disembarked from their ship.
“Men we need to be cautious on this island . Although it looks wonderful this still is an audacious landing, “shouted Odysseus.

He and his men got off their ship and into the beautiful forest they went.
“Wow “, said Odysseus, with a look of astonishment in his eyes. These apples are the size of cannon balls, “he muttered. They kept on walking, until they came to a beautiful, fresh smelling waterfall.
“We will no longer die of thirst,” declared Odysseus, with a look of glory on his face. His men all jumped into the water, and they washed themselves and drunk the water. His men were having such a good time. Then Odysseus decided to run up the rocks, jumped in and SPLASH! Into the water he went. After the fun of splashing and drinking they saw a glorious, fantastic and amazing looking woman at the side of the lake.
“Hello,” she said. “My name is Grantheas, daughter of Persephone.”
“Please may you help us? We blinded Polyphemus and his Father Poseidon is seeking revenge”, exclaimed Odysseus.
“Of course, said Grantheus. I have the finest wines and I have enough food for a feast,” she muttered. They followed her into her house, and feasted.

By Jack
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