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Odysseus and Posida

A myth submitted to the site by Jagger

Odysseus and Posida

Many centuries ago there was a vicious war known as the Trojan Wars. One of the most heroic soldiers was from Greece, his name was Odysseus. Thanks to him they won the war with the Trojan horse. After winning this tremendous battle, Odysseus commenced the ten year journey to Ithaca. However on the way home they had an almost deadly encounter with the Cyclops Polyphemus - child of Poseidon, God of the Sea. After tricking and blinding the Cyclops, as well as angering Poseidon, Odysseus and his men escape. Poseidon vowed revenge…!

After a few more years of sailing Odysseus army sighted land and decided to stop there to gather food, as their stocks were running low. They docked their ship and disembarked. After they were all off the ship Odysseus suggested that he and his men should explore before taking anything! So off they went across the golden beaches, through the luscious green grass, that look good enough to eat, and over small badger holes. Once they had a good look around Odysseus sighted some nice plump cattle. Drawing his sword he ventured down the small hill they were on and began to slaughter the cattle. After killing three cattle he hears a hissing voice “I am Posida and I will be the end of your little voyage!”

The next thing any of them knew was waking up in a dark, dank cavern. All of a sudden a great, black, one thousand legged spider walked in. Odysseus guessed this was Posida. It scrutinized every living soul in the cave. After what seemed like hours it walked towards one of the men and devoured him whole! Suddenly Odysseus had a plan… The next morning, as Posida rolled aside the great boulder blocking the entrance to the cave, Odysseus jumped up and ran straight between Posida’s humungous legs. As he had planned Posida shot webs at him. Quickly Odysseus dodged the wed and it hit Posida as it writhed and struggled Odysseus released his men. Like a thunder bolt they charged towards the ship and rowed away as quickly as they possibly could.

As Odysseus rowed away he felt a twang of pain for his wife- Penelope and his son- Telemachus. Renewed with courage, at the thought of his family, he felt invincible; as if he could overcome anything the Gods had to throw at him.

By Jagger
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