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Odysseus and Cythermos

A myth submitted to the site by Jasmine

Odysseus and Cythermos

Hundreds of years ago, Odysseus and his men had been fighting the Trojan wars and they were sailing back from Troy. They landed on an unknown, mysterious island. A huge, one – eyed monster, named Polyphemus (a Cyclops ) trapped them and they escaped by tying themselves to the bellies of sheep. This angered Polyphemus and his father - the god Poseidon. Now the god of the sea had vowed revenge…

That night the sea was rough and the wind was sharp. What Polyphemus had said about his father was coming true. They all woke up only to find they were stranded on a deserted and remote island. When they stood up a terrifying sight occurred, it could only be Cythermos - son of hades. There were stories about Cythermos in Cythera. That is where they had to be! The monster had black smokey eyes, sharp teeth, pointy, green wings and was taller than the trees. Odysseus and his men fired arrows but then Cythermos got annoyed and ate six men. The monster suddenly flew up to the cliff tops with its green, pointy, thin wings. Cythermos stared at Odysseus. No one knew what was going to happen…

The monsters size was towering. It had a shadow out lining its body. Cythermos shadow covered the men in darkness as if the sun didn’t exist.

That cold full moon night, Odysseus crept out of his cave and into the monsters. He had a blunt, metal dagger, and stealthily tip- toed towards the monsters bed, which was covered in his enemy’s bones! As he drew his sword the monster woke and made a strange noise. Odysseus was puzzled and didn’t move for at least thirty seconds, thinking what he was going to do. But suddenly he heard a terrifying bark which made him jump. He ran, when it was too late. Then, out of nowhere a three headed beast appeared! It had the face of a lion, howl of a wolf and teeth like knives. Odysseus retreated but the demon just followed. Odysseus drew his sharp, battle sword. He ran toward Cerberus (the beast) but his adversary ran faster. Cerberus had gone! Now he just had to defeat Cythermos…

Odysseus woke early the following morning. The monster, Cythermos, was guarding the exit of its cave. Odysseus was trapped! His sword lay abandoned on the dirty hard floor of the cave. He picked it up immediately. He then stuck the pointy metal into its surprisingly thin wing. Its wing was as thin as a dragonfly’s.

That day the last of the army got into their ship and sailed away, leaving Cythermos lonely. Odysseus was so excited to see the land of what used to be his home, Ithaca, in the Ionian Sea, off the coast of Greece. He was even more excited about seeing Telemachus, his son and Penelope his wife.

By Jasmine
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