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The Adventures of Odysseus

The Adventures of Odysseus
Many years ago, Odysseus defeated the horrible one – eyed Cyclops, Polyphemus. Polyphemus’s island was a horrible place to be. Once they left, they sailed back to Ithaca but on the way the wind pushed them to a different place…

Poseidon was the one who made them go to the island, Belos. Poseidon was the god of the sea and pushed them and the boat to Belos because Odysseus slayed his son Polyphemus. When they got there the smell of pine trees was all around them. There were lots of bright orange carrots, rabbit prints and blood too. They also discovered many carrot crumbs. They made a tree house up the biggest pine tree (It was very well camouflaged) and, after a long hard day’s work, they fell asleep on the hard brown floor…

They were woken up in the morning by a long loud THUMP THUMP THUMP! It was the terrifying Vibgragh! Vibgragh had a machete in his mouth, burning hot whiskers, a spiky tail three human eyes, bow and arrows and always left a trail of poison behind him. It was a green, slimy and sticky poison. Vibgragh was looking for his breakfast and he had already found some! Vibgragh picked up four tiny men and ate them all in one go!

There were only five brave survivors left. Odysseus ran up and grabbed the machete out of his rabbit’s huge mouth. Vibgragh shot two of his men in seconds. After the horrendous battle, Vibgragh went back inside his towering cave. After five minutes the men persuaded one another to follow the rabbit. They went up the high, steep mountain and located the cave.

Vibgragh was asleep as they crept in. Brave Odysseus grabbed everything that was there minding the green sticky slime. The giant rabbit twitched and sniffed, tossed and turned before opening one green eye. He shot up out of his sleeping place. He stood up and went to go and get his bow but it was not there. He turned around, forgetting the men were behind him. As he turned around he got shot in the tail three times, then he fell down dramatically (not to his death) but he was knocked out! When he sunk down his whiskers were still hot, killing one man as he fell.

They went to the back of the cave and unlocked the man that were left (he knew this for a fact because the men were rattling the bars on the cages protesting to get out.) Odysseus led the men back down the mountain and back down to the boat, missing Penelope and Telemachus. They sailed to Ithaca hoping for no more monsters! But as they set off Vibgragh hurled the remaining arrows! But every one of them missed the ship.

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