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Odysseus and Kaylerglo

A myth submitted to the site by Mia

Odysseus and Kaylerglo

Long, long ago Odysseus and his men just left the cave, where they blinded Polyphemus! Odysseus was relived and ready to go back home to his family, but he thought that pisidont was going to gain revenge any minute now as Polyphemus was hurt. Odysseus and his crew were hopeing to get back home safly without any trouble.

Suddenly, the sea got very rough and pushed the boat right across the ocean and into a massive island. The waves were getting worse, so they decided to stay on the island for the night , so the water could calm down a bit down a bit ! Then I don’t know what, I saw this gas and then a hour later, I woke up with my men, and saw this humongous red faced monster, with gold and silver hair, hanging over me in the darkness!

It smelt sweaty behind the monster was a mossy, grassy, green cave, with massive trees and bushes surrounding it! Then the monster started throwing stuff with her catapult. So Odysseus and his men started to fight her but the monster, ( they eventually found out her name was Kaylerglo) was really was good at fighting. Odysseus decided to make friends with her, then he could trick her into trusting him.

When she did end up trusting Odysseus, he would chuck her into the clear blue water! They all sat down round a stone, on the floor, and this is what Odysseus said to Kaylerglo ( the monster :) I will get my men to make you a lovely home, the way you like it and pay you every week!

The set sail on the calm water, which was an improvement from yesterday! Then Odysseus pushed Kaylerglo into the sea. They continued to sail home to Ithaca, but just then one of the men found Kaylerglo attached to the bottom of the boat! Odysseus ran over and stabbed her on the shoulder. These were her last words: “I didn’t kill you but my master the Poseidon will!” Odysseus and his men knew their voyage home would not be easy..!

By Mia
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