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Odysseus and Katrina

Odysseus and Katrina

Long, long ago lived a man called Odysseus, the king of Ithaca, and his men. They had just been fighting the ferocious Trojan Wars and defeating the city of Troy, when the terrifying Cyclops Polyphemus, had a fight with them. Odysseus had blinded him, and escaped quickly off his island, but Polyphemus, who was also the son of Poseidon (god of the sea), was very angry. Odysseus knew that Poseidon would vow revenge soon, and was starting to get worried about what could happen.

They were sailing home until somebody spotted an island ahead.
“Look over there! It’s an island! Let’s go and see what’s there!” he exclaimed.
Some of them refused immediately. The other men, including Odysseus, were in favour of landing as they were low on supplies. An argument ensued amongst the men, but of course they did go as Odysseus wanted to!
“You never know, there could be more food!” he said confidently.

When they got there it was filled with bushes and sand everywhere. They crept around as quiet as mice, until they heard a humongous noise like an elephant. Odysseus had a peep through a green bush and saw a gigantic monster towering above him. He recognised the monster, she looked familiar. Then he suddenly knew who she was. It was Katrina the half elephant half human monster!

He’d heard that she had just been created by Poseidon. This is what Poseidon had done to gain revenge he thought! How could he have been tricked into getting here? Now what was he going to do?
“Everybody hide now!” he whispered to his army. He didn’t even need to tell them why. They knew it alright. Odysseus was the only one who knew that her hair was poisonous. He tried to warn the other men but it was too late…

They were whipped by her hair and were dead instantly. The men, screeching and screaming, were tossed into her huge mouth and crunched into bits. Odysseus and his other men watched silently in horror, not daring to move. They were in another bush and came up with a plan to defeat Katrina. They took out their silver swords and charged at her. She turned around, her head ready to whip them too, but Odysseus sliced off her hair with one swish of his sword. She suddenly fell to the ground, dead! They had killed Katrina!

Odysseus and his men celebrated and then explored the entire island, finding blackberries, raspberries and much more. As the sun began to come down they got on their ships and started to sail away.
“I can’t wait to see Penelope and Telemachus!” Odysseus said in delight. “It’s going to be magnificent!”
They sailed across the sky blue ocean to their sweet families and homes. They had defeated the fierce Katrina!!

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