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Adventure of Odysseus

Adventure of Odysseus

Long, long ago Odysseus and his crew had just escaped form the one eyed Cyclops Polyphemus. Odysseus knew Polyphemus father would gain revenge! God of the
Sea. Two days later the sea rose then tossed the boat onto a deserted island.
The ship was damaged and a few of the crew were unconscious. Most of the hull(bottom of the ship) was broken off. They were extremely glad they were on island.
Because they were low on supplies.

Their was a king of the island He was a monster. He was two feet tall and had a booming voices. He said “I am Shadow!!!” Then he gave an enormous roar.
He had a strange accent. He grabbed one of the crew ripped his head off and lobed the body in the sea. There was blood everywhere. He was quite strong for a two foot tall monster.

He got two of the men and put them in the cage. There is one thing wired about the monster despite him being a monster he can go underground. They were in the cage for two days. He gave them leaves and the water to sip off the leaves. Odysseus saw a sword in the ground. He starched his whole body and just got it with his fingertips he cut the cage open and climbed out.

They were out but they ran the wrong way. Odysseus saw the monster and ran as fast as he could. The monster was fast but so was Odysseus. Two of the crew slipped on the way and got eaten. At this
moment Odysseus was determined to get to the boat. They sailed away teasing him and sticking their tongues out. He’s got enough food now. Odysseus looked at a drawing of his family.

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