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The Devil and Lucy

A myth submitted to the site by Isabella Lys

Perth, Australia

One dark cold night was a girl called Lucy. Lucy loved to listen to music on her iPod and loved hanging on her laptop. The thing she didn't like was going to mass with her family or doing anything fun like going to the park or the movies, she just liked to chill on her bed with her iPod and laptop. Lucy wasn't a person who was caring and nice, she was mean and crewl to children her age and even her family.

One day Lucy had to go to mass with her family. Lucy was so disrespecful to people in mass and didn't pay attention to anything. Her Mum and Dad were very unhappy with her. One night Lucy was being so mean to everybody, she didn't do what she was told and never lisened to her parents. Lucy was very tied that day so she decided to go to bed. She tucked herself in and went to sleep.

Lucy couldn't sleep, she heard this evil voice coming from under her bed. She was really frighted. Lucy had heard it about 5 times now and she is really scared. She put her head underneath her blanket and tried to go to sleep. She still couldn't sleep, she saw this shadow right beside her bed. It was shaped like a devil she turned around and saw he bright red evil eyes. He had red body and had the most evilest eyes.

The devil took her far far away from her home. He took her over mountains and through clouds. Nobody had ever seen Lucy again, and we still wonder if she is alive.

By Isabella Lys
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