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The Haunted House

A myth submitted to the site by Erin Deed

Luton, England

I was outside playing, when I accidentally came across a terrifying house. I heard some strange noises coming from inside, so I bravely decided to go inside and investigate. As i walked up the stairs to the big wooden door, to my amazement the door flung open. I screamed in terror, what could it be? A ghost or just the wind.

So I entered the house, I could hear the wind whistling outside, the tree branches whipping against the window pane. I turned around and to my surprise I saw a figure peaking through the window, I panicked and ran through the dark hallway into the kitchen. I saw a dark figure standing before me. Is it just my mind playing tricks on me? I ran out of the kitchen into the bedroom, the lights were flickering on and off. In the corner of bedroom an old rocking chair was slowly going back and forth with a slight creak, was it my imagination or could i also hear a baby crying???

As I listened out for the crying noise something flew past my face almost hitting me. BANG. There next to my feet was a shiny silver baby rattle. As I screamed and ran I tripped over something but there was nothing there. I decided it was time to leave, I heard a clock chiming. The hands were going round and round in an anti clockwise direction. I went to the door, it was locked, I decide to climb out of the window. I ran and ran to my house but I knew not to go to that haunted house again. I told my friends about it but they did not believe me.

By Erin Deed
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