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A myth submitted to the site by Madi


One freezing cold morning in Ancient Greece a little girl was born. Her mother, Lynda, was thrilled to have little girl. She ordered to see her husband immediately! When her husband, Duke, walked in Lynda was grinning from ear to ear. "Look at our new baby girl" said Lynda. Duke didn't look as impressed. He picked up the little girl and inspected her. "No, shes weak, useless, and a girl! I'm not paying for this useless thing to walk around our house doing nothing!" He set the baby down in Lyndas arms. "I want her taken to the tallest mountain to die" with that, Duke strutted out of the room. Lynda didn't say anything, she was devastated. Her smile turned into a frown and her whole body was shaking.

When Lynda was strong enough to walk again, she took the baby home. She didn't care about duke she was not letting this baby go. She walked through to the living room and sat down with the baby cradled in her arms.

Duke walked in the next day, he said hello but did not turn around he simply went to the slaves and told them what to do. In 1 day Duke was leaving for battle. If Lynda could get away with the little girl unseen for 1 day she could keep her until Duke got back. She found a basket that could fit the little girl in. She did not want to put her there but she preferred it to throwing her of a mountain. She quickly slid the girl in the basket, kissed her forehead and walked off to Duke.

The next day, Duke kissed Lynda and walked of to join the troops. Once he was completely out of sight Lynda rushed over to the basket and opened it up. When she looked inside, the baby was not there. She looked all over the house looking for the little girl. She was nowhere to be seen! Lynda raced out the door and watched the truck leave anxiously when her eyes caught sight of a little girl sitting on the back of the cart. Lynda new if she called out the cart would be to far to hear her. she went inside and dropped down onto the chair. What would she do?

The next morning Lynda got a written note from the army saying that they had her baby. Lynda dropped the note and started running down to the training camp. She wondered how the baby got there. When she got to the campsite she asked around and a man named Joe said that the baby was being kept in a small bed in a safe tent. Lynda walked over to the tent and peaked through and saw Duke cradling the baby in his arms, showing her weapons, armour and horses. Lynda stepped into the tent and Duke turned and looked at her, and said "She is a fighter, shes not weak or useless, she is staying here." Lynda said "Shes only a baby she cannot fight!" "Then when she is 7 we will bring her for training. She will show Greece everyone can fight." Lynda smiled

7 years later the promise was kept and Lynda took the girl to training "Mum, Whats going on?" "You will fight, not be a maid. You will be equal, one of them." Lynda said. "I can do that, I can do anything." Said the girl. From that day on she survived every battle and was created an equal. One day, The girl was asked for her name. She said "I was not given one" The man said "You will be named epizó̱n meaning, Survivor.

By Madi
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