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The Wicked Father and his Revengeful Sons.

A myth submitted to the site by Ali Harrison

The underworld, New Zealand

Once upon a time there was a wicked father of all the Gods called Gayus. He had two sons named Elias and Mathias.
Mathias was the co-leader of the army. He called a meeting of the leaders and the army and his brother.
“We have to kill our father, Gayus.” He said. “Gayus is putting us against each other in war and soon there will be none of us left. We need to be rid of him. He is an evil being.”

They agreed and the meeting finished. “Go and rest my Gods and men. We will come up with a plan to get rid of him.” Mathias had been given a pair of winged shoes by his grandmother, his mother’s mother, Taua Taihoe. These shoes would fit him even if his feet grew. He hadn’t needed to use them before but he knew that the blade hidden in the soles would be usefull.

Gayus found out about this meeting as he had a spy who told him of the plan.
“Right!” patting his goat snake pet called Gnake. “They will not get away with this!”
Gnake was able to charge like a goat and had poisonous venom on the end of his tongue. Gayus told Gnake what he wanted him to do and waited for the attack by his deceiving sons.

At first Elias was to go to see his father, but he didn’t know how to get to the father’s underground special place in the palace. Mathias went instead as Mathias had been there before when his grandmother taua Taihoe had taken him when he was a child and so he knew how to get around a dangerous spike that protected the entry. He also knew of the way to get through the doorway which was guarded by a moving dagger. Mathias slipped the winged shoes on his feet.

But Mathias didn’t know that his father knew he was coming and when Mathias was heading to the under ground, his father launched an attack on the warriors and most were killed or injured. Elias had cornered the Gnake and as Gnake was ramming him and trying to get him with his poisonous tongue, Elias broke his horns and cut Gnakes throat with his own horns and cut out his tongue and kept this in his pocket.
Mathias in the meantime was underground in his father’s chamber, flying above his father’s bed. Gayus was pretending to be asleep and was ready with sword in his hand under the covers. Mathias swooped down and Gayus jumped up and grabbed his winged shoe and with his sword cut off the wings, just as Elias bursts in the door with Grandma Taua Taihoe behind him. He rushes to the bed and whips the poisonous tongue out of his pocket and sticks it into his father’s open mouth. Gayus makes one last attempt to grab at Mathias who falls onto his father. Gayus opens his mouth in shock, spills the tongue out. This flies up in the air up to 6 feet high but it goes straight back in again and he swallows it. Gayus is dead.

The relieved sons hug their grandmother and set off to tell the surviving people. They use the magic dagger to enclose the underground chamber and to heal the wounded warriors. Elias becomes the protector of the dagger.

By Ali Harrison
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