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The Myth of the Raging Volcano

Pompeii, Italy

The God of Earth and Fire Vulcan, was a peaceful, kind and loving God. He reigned over a large, mountainous land filled with lush plains and fields. He provided his people with warmth and kept the soil and Earth fertile so their crops would grow strong and they would prosper. In return, his people were asked to honour the land, taking only what they needed.

It was known throughout the land that the Earth was precious and not to be abused or wasted, and his people took great care to do so. One day, a stranger came to the land. He brought with him new ways of sowing crops, which was fast, but was wasteful and saw much land destroyed for little benefit. Great areas that had been fertile farming land became barren and unproductive. The people forgot their pledge to Vulcan, and forgot the value of the Earth and the importance of honouring it’s gifts and fertility.

One day, Vulcan looked down upon his lands and people and saw what they had done.
He saw great areas lying in waste and once proud and honourable people, neglecting what he had given them. Vulcan became enraged. He confronted his people venting his anger upon them. Vulcan heated up the ground beneath the mountain surrounding his lands and forced boiling rock and lava out the top, down onto the lands and his people below. The people knew they had wronged Vulcan and pleaded for mercy, but he did not listen, instead covering vast areas of the barren lands with molten rock and ash.

It is said to this day that the rumblings often heard and felt from Volcanos around the world are the angry calls of Vulcan, enraged at the way the Earth is treated by those who greedily take and destroy.

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