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Boo Boo

A myth submitted to the site by Lauren Croft

The Island of Lesbos, Ancient Greece

Once upon a time, in Ancient Greece, there lived a very ugly princess, that thought that she was the prettiest pretty princess in all of the land and was very obsessed with her reflection. Her name was Boo Boo. She lived on the island of Lesbos with her 2 parents and her baby cousin. Her father, King Inias, knew how truly ugly she really was, and never let her out of the castle, because he didn't want to be embarrassed in front of the whole kingdom. His wife,Queen Lisenia, was the most beautiful lady in all of lesbos, and Boo Boo's little sister, Paulinia was the prettiest baby in all of the land.

Of course, because of all the women in her family being beautiful, princess Boo Boo thought that she was too.
The entire kingdom of Lesbos had never even seen Boo Boo, in fact, no one even knew she existed! Boo Boo thought that she wasn't allowed out of the castle because she would get her beautiful skin sun burnt, (that's what king Inias would tell her!)
Every time Boo Boo asked if she could go outside, her father would say to her; "Boo Boo, you know if you go outside, your beautiful skin will get burnt by the strong sun and it will turn red and swollen and painful! You don't want that now do you?"

Every night, Boo Boo would go to her bed and pray to the gods. She would say "Dear gods, please, make the sun disappear behind the clouds, so that I can go outside and enjoy the fresh air, and have all of the kingdom marvel at my beauty, without getting sunburnt. Please make the sun disappear for a very long time."
Boo Boo would pray this to the gods every night, and wake up the next morning, look out her window, and every day she would be disappointed to find that the sun was out, shining bright. She would sit at her window most of the day and watch all the young children play with each other, wishing that one day she could do the same, but with no sun.

One night, the night before her birthday, 1st of June, Boo Boo made her prayer to the gods. She had discovered that for a while, it had started to get colder, and there would be more clouds in the sky, and some of the tree's leaves has started to turn red. Her father had been telling her that they were turning red because they were getting sunburnt.
The next morning, Boo Boo woke up, went over to her window and looked out. To her delight, she saw that the sun had disappeared behind the clouds, and it was cold and windy outside. She ran to her father and said "Father! Look outside! The sun is behind the clouds! It's windy and cold! Please let me go outside! It's my birthday!" Her father, being half asleep, murmured a simple "mmmf", which Boo Boo took as a yes. So Boo Boo ran down stairs and put on her coat.

When she ran outside, the entire kingdom stopped and looked. Eventually a large crowd had gathered, all staring at Boo Boo and whispering. Then, from the crowd, she heard a young boy shout out at her, "Who are you?" Then the whole crowd started to shout at her, "Who are you? Who are you ugly girl?" Boo Boo couldn't take it any longer, so she shouted back at them, "I am princess Boo Boo!" She was so angry that she pushed her way through the crowd and ran to the nearest tree. She stood beneath it and turned back around to the crowd, her face red with anger. She looked at every tree and bush, and gradually all the leaves started to fall off them and it grew colder and colder. The crowd stopped shouting and slowly backed away, they were terrified of her. She looked up at the gods and shouted rude words that didn't even make sense! Then small snowflakes started falling from the clouds, the gods were crying.

Boo Boo ran back into the castle and went to her bed. Her father refused to let her come back out of the castle again until her birthday next year.

And so came all the four seasons of the year - Summer and Spring, when Boo Boo is not allowed out of her castle, Autumn, when she starts to pray to the gods, and Winter, when she is let out and is teased by the kingdom and all the trees and bushes die and it is cold and lonely, and the sun does not come out for a very long time.


By Lauren Croft
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