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Famous for the Wrong Reasons

A myth submitted to the site by Emily Bell

Madiopollis (made up), Croftilina

Stepping out of her plush leather seated four wheel drive, Tara set her eyes on her new mount, Linlie. Linlie was considered to be the best high speed equine in the country of Madiopollis, which was why he was now owned by Tara, who was considered to be the snobbiest girl in Madiopollis.

The annual equestrian cross country sprint was coming up, and Tara needed to have the best horse if she was going to win. She had employed a strapper, groom and trainer to ride Linlie for her, because Tara wanted to spend her time shopping for new riding gear and getting her nails done. The event was coming near, and she was running out of time to get her extensions put in!

Linlie got ridden twice a day by Tara's employed trainer, and he was going well. The trainer knew Linlie would do well, the trainer knew, as long as Tara remembered that she actually had a horse to ride in the race.

Whilst Tara was practicing what hair do she was going to wear under her helmet, the other competitors were training themselves and their horses, they were cleaning their gear and memorising the course. The only thing Tara was memorising was how to wave to the crowd once she won! She knew, that with the best horse, she could win.

The day had finally come. It was an early start for Tara, who had to do her makeup, curl her hair, tie it up and then drive half an hour to reach the course by 10 in the morning. Linlie was saddled up, and ready to go. His muscles rippled as he moved, shining in the sun. It was a brilliant day to ride, but, in Tara's mind, it was a good day to shop. 'But this is what I must do to be famous,' She told herself, 'I have the best horse, and I can win!'.

Tara glided into the saddle, told her strapper to get her a drink, and strode out on Linlie towards the hectic crowd. She swished the water around inside her mouth before swallowing it and posing for the camera, happy to do so. She was enjoying herself, but her time came. Linlie was ready, and Tara could feel it. She knew she'd be collecting her prize and fame in no time, so she took a quick selfie and set off. She started off at a steady pace, she didn't want Linlie to get hot and sweaty. Up she came to the first jump. It creeped closer and closer, he felt good, she could do this. But then she changed her mind. There was a cockroach on her thigh! She screamed. Linlie was scared. He'd never heard his rider scream before! He thought she was hurt, so he stopped, right before the jump.

Linlie sailed off, screaming all the way to the ground, making the poor cockroach, who was still on her leg, deaf. Linlie didn't know what to do. He had never done this before, he always won. He knew the course, he had done it before. The only thing he could do was finish the course himself, so he galloped off, leaving Tara in his dust.

She was humiliated! Now she would never win! Now she would never get famous! Where was her horse? Very dirty and very ashamed, Tara walked back up the hill that she had galloped down minutes before, thinking she was going to win. After five minutes she saw the crowd in a circle, cheering and shouting a name. The name they were shouting sounded like 'Linlie', but why would they be shouting his name? That stupid animal was probably rolling in the mud somewhere.

She reached the crowd. And there was Linley, as quiet as a teddy standing in the middle of everyone, enjoying the crowd. Tara pushed her way in, demanding everyone to move. She reached Linlie, who suddenly looked guilty. 'Stupid horse!' She screamed, slapping him. 'Stealing my spotlight! Making me look like a bad rider!'.
For weeks, the whole city of Madiopollis talked about the amazing horse Linlie, who finished the course without his rider. Tara decided to sell Linlie and then spent that money on a new pair of jodhpurs, for the next time she made herself famous.

By Emily Bell
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