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The Great Sumonia

North, Alaska

There was a beautiful Goddess named Sumonia; she controlled light when she was happy and darkness when she was upset, she also controlled the weather and fire. Sumonia had a mystical power that nobody knew about not even her.

Sumonia lived high in clouds with the other Gods and Goddesses; her symbol was the sun and moon, she was an extremely independent goddess who always helped others but didn't accept the help of others.

One day there came a God named James who blew Sumonia's cloud down near the sea, she wasn't very happy, she demanded James to blow her cloud back up in the sky, but he couldn't. Sumonia went to her cloud and a huge wave came and wet her cloud, she wanted to make something to cover her and her cloud but she didn't know how to make anything. Sumonia became really sad and then every god and goddess also became sad; that was her mystical power that she found out.

There was a God named Gus who granted peoples wishes, he was also sad because Sumonia was sad, he offered her 3 wishes but she didn't know what to wish for because she believed in being independent; Gus gave her 3 serpents, she didn't want to accept the wish but the serpents did everything for her. Sumonia had nothing to do, she was upset that she couldn't do anything and her cloud kept getting wet by the waves, the serpents couldn't built anything for her because they were busy doing other things for Sumonia.

She had enough of what was happening, she became angry and made darkness come upon every inch of earth for 6 months , the gods had to live with darkness, she only provided them with fire once a month. If their fire blew out she didn't give them more because she was too upset to help anyone. Then there was a goddess named Estania who ruled earth and seen what Sumonia had done to earth, Estania was upset and demanded Sumonia to bring light , she refused and they went to war; Sumonia won because she had more power than Estania. Estania made shelter for Sumonia's cloud and Sumonia gave earth light for 6 months and darkness for another 6 months. There was still darkness because Sumonia wasn't very satisfied.

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