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The Roman Myth

Rome , Italy

One dark gloomy day in the Roman Empire there was an evil villain called Venalicous creating a despicable posion in a huge pot on top of boiling hot coals. Venalicous has a small hut made of mud brick and clay it is an ugly house but for her it is just right. Venalicous has a big nose and long scruffy hair and wears a tall pitch black dress and long pointy shoes.

Meanwhile in the Roman Empire there is a group of children playing around in the local swimming hole right next to a huge big oak tree which had a rope tied to a branch with a stick on the end. They were swimming and having a lot of fun when suddenly they heard a huge BANG!! . An explosion had just gone off. They all got out of the swimming hole went to check it out.

Jonathon went running off he really excited to see what it was and all the others were too. When they got there it was a little corner shop that sold coffee and tea. There pet dog Maximous started barking at them then he turned around to face a man running from the scene with a bag in his hand. Jonathon said to Maximous go get him boy Maximous started sprinting towards this man that ran into a big building up the stairs then tripped over and Maximous jumped on top of him and waited for the other kids.

The man had a black mask on him Flavia ripped it off his face and then they realised it was the young man from the corner shop. They asked him why he was running from the shop in such a hurry he said I am getting away from the fire and also going to tell my mother. Then they had weird suspicion that he was up to no good. They told maximous to get off him and then they started to walk off.

They were all talking about it when Jonathon asked them if they remembered a few years ago when Venalicous was doing lots of evil stuff and maybe he is working for her. They remembered when they caught her and she said don’t worry evil will come again for you guys. She went to prison and Flavia said “I wonder if she got out of prison yet” then Jonathon said “let’s go see” and they said “but what if she is and she kidnaps one of us?” Jonathon said “Don’t worry she won’t”.

When they got there they knocked on the door and said is anybody home then they heard someone walk to the front door the dog was eager to go inside and she opened the door and the dog came sprinting in then Jonathon yelled out “nooooo Maximous” she shut the door and then they all started slamming on the door them they started sprinting home to tell their parents about how she took their dog.

Their parents then went straight away to the authority’s and told them the police were surrounding her house then they busted in and she was nowhere to be found they did a whole house search and all they found was dead dog. They then did a whole town search and still it is like she has disappeared into thin air nobody could find her. All they found a necklace that was in her possession. They put out a reward of 100,000 dollars. She was no where to be found….

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