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The Goddess and the Beast.

A myth submitted to the site by Victoria Aswell

Village, Samoa

Long long ago in the olden days on the Island of Samoa, lived a Goddess called Ciara. She had long black hair and beautiful blue eyes. She was the most beautiful girl on the Island. But she had a problem. She wanted to win the heart of the sorceress Ahora and have Ahora be her advisor. Ciara didn’t have any magical powers to use to help her plans to work.

One day when she was bathing, she heard two girls screaming and screaming. She knew that something was wrong so she hurried to dry herself and went to see what was going on.

What she saw was a big hungry animal. It was half goat and half crocodile. She thought to herself “What is that?”
The girls were screaming : “Help! Help! This evil creature wants to kill us!” Ciara was terrified. One of the girls was Ahora and the other was her older sister. She ran home to heaven as fast as she could, screaming “Help! Help!”
She didn’t know what to do. She was panicking. “How am I going to rescue them from the evil beast?”
Her great great grandfather saw her coming.
“What is wrong, child?” he asked her.
“ A beast is attacking Ahora and her sister!”
“Ahora the sorceress? Can she not use magic to get away from the beast?”
“The beast is too powerful! We have to use your powers, they are stronger.”

Her great great grandfather gave her the power to defeat the beast. He gave her a shield which would protect her and magic dust to throw at the beast.

She ran back to the sorceress, her sister and the beast. The beast had put them into a cave and was getting ready to eat them.

The beast turned around and saw Ciara and she quickly used the magic that her grandfather had given her. The beast rolled around the ground, screaming and roaring like a lion in agony. Suddenly it turned into a tuatara and stood as still as a rock.

The sorceress and her sister ran towards Ciara.
“Thank you for saving us!”
“That’s ok. Looks like the beast is not going to scare anyone again! “
The sorceress was so happy to be saved she went back to Ciara’s palace in the heavens above Samoa and became her advisor.
When Ciara needs advice, Ahora gives it to her.

By Victoria Ashwell. Bluff, New Zealand

By Victoria Aswell
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