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Marcus Malruffnesspuffness the Roman Legend

A myth submitted to the site by Alex

Ancient Rome, Italy

Living on the streets of Rome was pretty hard without a family or shelter. His name was Marcus, Marcus Malruffnesspuffness.

Marcus grew up in the Colosseum hiding in a tomb. He was very shy when it came to approaching people as people would tease him about his last name, but Marcus was that type of boy that knew he would succeed. Marcus was very positive in life; he never said anything rude or never thought bad thoughts.

Right from when Marcus was a little boy he had had this passion in becoming a Gladiator as he watched Gladiatorial battles on boats in the Colosseum.

As Marcus just turned 16 he had been invited to live in a house for as long as we wanted. But if Marcus wanted to live in the house forever, Marcus had to defeat the Emperor and sustain the power of a Ruler. Marcus knew exactly how he could defeat the Emperor. His name was Emperor Splendous Horrendous. Splendous Horrendous was a tall evil emperor who turned his back on the Roman citizens. So Marcus wanted to return the favour and become Emperor Marcus Malruffnesspuffness. Marcus became stronger and stronger each day practising his moves and eating healthy meals.

Marcus had reached his full potential and entered the Gladiatorial Battle against Master Splendous Horrendous. In two days’ time Marcus was fighting against the unbeaten champion. Marcus roamed around Latium, and then suddenly a loud cheer came from all the people out on the streets. Marcus was blown away with the amount of people that respected him.

It was one day to go and Marcus was getting anxious, he wasn’t sure whether or not he was up for the battle. Not little did he know but If Marcus conquered this battle he would be named the Youngest Emperor in Roman History. Marcus would be astonished if he won the battle.

It was 9:30 in the morning and just minutes away from what could be the greatest battle of all times. Marcus was standing on his feet staring right down to the eyes of Splendous Horrendous. The judge spoke: “Battle beginning in 3, 2, 1 beeps” Marcus ran as quickly as he could to meet the emperor; as the battle, had just begun. Marcus blocked a swipe and then Splendous blocked a strike and the battle kept going on and on and on. Until it came down to the dying stages of the battle, both enemies were almost out of breath when Marcus took a swipe with his sword in the kidneys. Marcus got him Fair and square.

The Romans cheered with joy and excitement as the new emperor was announced Emperor Marcus Malruffnesspuffness. Marcus got given the Purple cloak to represent him as the new Emperor. Marcus got to live in the house for as long as he wanted. A few years had passed and Marcus was the Leader of the Gladiator army.

Marcus became quite wealthy and took Italy under his wing. By the age of 45 Marcus was still Emperor. He had married an Italian lady named Roofi Doofi. As Marcus did not know Roofi was Splendous Horrendous’ husband. Splendous had tricked Marcus into marrying his wife so that Roofi would kill Marcus and grab all his money and Power over the country. Roofi woke up one night while Marcus was asleep and stabbed him in the back 11 times. Roofi ran away with all Marcus’ power and Splendous became Master again. However little did Roofi know Marcus had run away from her before she stabbed him. Roofi and Splendous had now been tricked.

By Alex
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