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Confondurous Story

A myth submitted to the site by Cameron

Ancient Rome, Italy

In the year 100AD there was a man named Conusfondurous. He was a very powerful person who planned to overthrow Juliusleifus as the Emperor of Rome.

Conusfondurous came up with a cunning idea. He was going to talk to the king of the Gods, Zentifintuis, to curse Juliusleifus for life so he could no longer be Emperor. But Zentifintuis did not want to have to curse one of the best kings of Rome who would one day take a spot next to him as a God.

So Conusfondurous had to change his plan. He decided that he was going to get someone to take over as king of the Gods. The only person evil enough to do this task was Zentifintuis’ wife, Junofitiuz. She hated that Zentifintuis had all the power and she had none. Together they came up with a great idea that they were going to poison Zentifintuis while he was having a Roman drink and when he died, Junofitiuz would replace him as the king of Gods.

Conusfondurous and Junofitiuz succeeded in their plan, allowing Junofitiuz to become queen of the Gods. But when Zentifintuis died he fell from the heavens to the earth. He did not just die; he became a magnificent burial tomb, unlike anything ever seen.

This was an omen for future things but no one noticed. Conusfondurous’s plan was working exactly like he wanted. Conusfondurous next step in his plan was convincing Junofitiuz that they should make Juliusleifus a God, allowing Conusfondurous to take his place as the king of Rome. When she told the other Gods this plan they all agreed, expect for one thing, he was not dead.

Conusfondurous said that he would kill Juliusleifus and after a lengthy discussion, the other Gods agreed. Conusfondurous convinced Juliusleifus to meet him at the tomb, stabbing him in the back. But no one ever found out how he died or by whose hand.

The next week Conusfondurous became the ruler of Rome. But Zentifintuis came back to haunt Conusfondurous and with the help of the new God Juliusleifus they drove him mad. Conusfondurous killed himself leaving Rome in turmoil.

Overcoming this situation, Rome lived on to become one of the world’s greatest civilizations of all time. Juliusleifus became king of the Gods and gave Rome everlasting money, power and everything that they would ever need. In his death, he became a greater ruler than ever before in his life.

By Cameron
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