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Why Were Clouds Made?

A myth submitted to the site by Cassi Barry

Albania, Mexico

Long, long ago there was a god named Alva, and he was not like the other gods. He chose to live on earth with all of the other creations. Alva had not done anything special, and he didn't have any amazing powers like the others. He was almost just another mortal, which is why he preferred to live the mortals. His only powers were over the elements, like water, earth, and wind.

One day Alva was playing with all the little village children, but then the sun came out. The sun was extremely hot in their village, and it always seemed to come out when Alva and the children were playing. This was a problem for all of them. Alva loved playing with the children, but once the sun came out they all had to rush inside so they wouldn't get burnt. The only one who could not be affected was Alva, since he was a god and had control of the elements so he could protect himself. This left Alva very sad and alone.

So one day while Alva and the children ere playing, the sun slowly started coming. The children saw it, so they hurried up. They started saying their goodbyes to Alva, but then he stopped them and told them not to go.
"We have to or we will get burnt!" exclaimed the children. "I will fix that so that you may stay." said Alva. "But how?!?" they replied in shock. "Just watch and see. You will never have to fear the sun again!"
So the children stayed and watch as Alva used his godly powers. He took a little bit of earth and water, and as he mixed them together a fluffy white object formed. "Why do we need a pillow?" the youngest child asked. "It is not a pillow, young one." Alva replied gently. "Well then what is it?" said the eldest. "Yeah what's it called, Alva?" asked the youngest again. "You may call it whatever you like. It is my gift to you, so that we may play and you shall never have to fear the sun again." As he said this he brought wind to carry it up to the sky and block the sun. The children all agreed to call the creation a cloud. Named after their beloved King Cloudniair. From that day on they were able to play with Alva whenever they wanted and not live in fear of the sun.

By Cassi Barry
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