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The Moon Daughter

Victoria, Australia

Many years ago, there lived two tribes. The amaoues tribe and the They had been fighting for many generations.

One night, the moon wasn't there.

The amaoues tribe thought that the venitornn tribe did something. Their leader, Amos, went to the venitornn tribes leader, kaata, and complained.

They started fighting, and threatening to kill each other.

Then, suddenly, a blue glow came into sight, just like the moon. Then, a beautiful girl with long black hair dressed in blue walked in.

Who are you, asked the tribes.

The girl then said "I am Artemis, the daughter of Zeus and Leto, also, the moon daughter. My brother is the sun god, called Apollo. You see us every day and night, but don't realise it. We watch over you, fighting all the time."

"Who are you to tell us what to do? Your just a girl!"

Kaata said.

"I'm and the moon goddess, one of the most powerful things in this world. Let me tell you a story; there was a girl and a boy who loved each other very much, tho it was forbidden for them to ever meet. But even know they could never meet, their love was so strong, that the boy died every night to let the girl breath. The only time where they will see each other is from a very far away distance. But then one day, they met. Now, they only meet ever 360 years, but each day, their love grows stronger"

Artemis then started floating away. The last thing she said was; "I'm going to test you. If you past the test, ill give you something you need back, but if you don't, you will be lost forever, and so will i"

She then faded away.

The two tribes still fought, but the next night, the moon wasn't there.

The next day, one tribe went fishing, but there was no waves, nor fish.

Days past, and they still fought. But something wasn't right. There were no fish to catch, no crops were growing, people were dying. And no one remembered the moon.

Until the daughter of Amos figured it out. She gathered both the tribes around a fire at night and explained.

"Artemis is trying to give us a message. The boy and girl from her story is the moon and sun. Even know they don't like each other, they will always love each other and do anything for each other. Even tho they can never be together, they found a way to be. We need to work together to get the moon back, because without it, we will all starve and die"

People actually listened to her. They worked together through the next day.

Then, the next night, the moon was still not there.

The two groups gathered and wondered where the moon is.

Then, Artemis suddenly appeared.

"Congratulations, you've past the test, now I will give something back to you that you have lost."

"You'll give us back the moon?"

Artemis laughed,

"No, the moon never left you, I was always watching, but what I did give back was the love between you two tribes. And now I must go"

She then disappeared. But the story Artemis told wasn't just about the moon and the sun. It was about that one girl that figured it out. She loved a boy from the other tribe, and he loved her. But they could never be together, but now, they found a way.

Now, whenever they look up at the moon, they remember the day where the two tribes came together as one, and they never forget how the sun dies every night to let the moon breath....

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