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The Legend of Pointillia

A myth submitted to the site by Jack

B7 5SB Power League, England,Birming

Long, long ago after Odysseus and his men had finished fighting in the terrible Trojan Wars they went on an island witch had food on it. The men blinded the Cyclops Polyphemus and that angered Poseidon. So Poseidon (Polyphemus’s father) planned revenge.

The sea was calm until a disastrous storm that splashed, swished and swirled. Round and round. Down and down. The landed on a bright, pretty island (that smelled of sweets!) when the group of men walked closer they saw a monster. The huge monster was getting up out of its cave. He was freezing a flower! After he froze the flower he pressed a button of some sort and he was gone. The men were thinking of a name for him they came up with ‘Pointillia'. Pointillia was thin, long, has three eyes and a gigantic pointer. Suddenly, Odysseus and his men had a rope around them. They were caught! Pointillia put them in a black bag and carried them to his cave.

Odysseus remembered that he had a spear and sword from the boat. He cut the rope and the bag, then they all ran as far as they could out of the cave. They tried to merge in with all of the plants. Then after they were three quarters of the way there, they ran and reached the boat. They then sailed for their lives. What adventure would they have next…?

By Jack
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