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The Tale of the Brivilyn

A myth submitted to the site by Tarryn Black

made up village in Scotland

Long ago in the mists of time, there lived a beautiful sorceress called Emily. Emily had long shiny brown hair with stunning light blue eyes. She lived in a little village in Scotland.

She lived a happy life until one day when she was washing down by the river. Suddenly there was a massive boom of thunder! Emily was glad that she was in the water because she just about wet herself with fright. She felt a cool breeze and turned to find a sparkly being before her.

“I am the God of Serious Consequences! If you want your family to continue living a happy life, I demand that you bring me the heart of Brivilyn. If you do this you can pick your prize.” In a clash of thunder and light, the God disappeared.

Emily hurried home in desperation to tell her mother what had happened. Emily didn’t know of such a creature called the Brivilyn, but she knew her mother knew of such magical creatures. Emily rushed home as fast as she could. As soon as she got inside, Emily told her mother all about the mysterious visit and asked what the Brivilyn was.

Emily’s mother rushed over to the cabinet and pulled out two arrows and said, “Take these arrows and kill the Brivilyn.”

“But what is the Brivilyn?” cried Emily.

Her mother replied, “It’s an animal that has a goat’s head and a body of a lion, with blazing red eyes. You must leave and follow the black clouds and you will find the cave which the Brivilyn lives in.”

“How long will it take?” a frightened Emily asked.

“I don’t know. You must go. Go now!” her mother said as she pushed Emily out the door.

Emily looked up at the sky and saw one black cloud and followed it. She soon was led to a dark, black forest. The trees screeched like an old rocking chair. The wind whistled like a dieing old man. Emily finally reached the end of the forest. She came to a bridge. The tip of her toe touched the first wooden plank and suddenly a voice came from beneath, “Hey you!”

“Me?” asked Emily

“Yes you. Don’t take one step on my bridge.” said the voice.

“Why? I just need to get to the other side, to kill the Brivilyn.”

“The Brivilyn?” said the voice, as something came out of a hole.

“Yes. Oh hello. You’re a bridge troll.” Emily said excitedly.

“Yeah, I am Go-go.” said the troll.
“Oh thank you “Emily said crossing the bridge.

She walked for about 2 kilometres, but then she came to a sign that said “Do not Cross!”

She thought in her head, “This must be it.” And she walked pass. Emily walked for about 5 miles and came to a cave. She had a peek inside. It was black and wet and as cold as snow. She pulled out the two arrows that her mother had given her and followed the little light she saw. She heard a loud snoring sound, as she followed the noise; she saw 5 deer carcases .She saw a red blazing eye. The Brivilyn had woke up! It clawed at Emily’s face. She had just enough strength to shoot an arrow straight into the creatures head. She then went unconscious.

Come morning the sun was brightly shining and before Emily stood the God of Serious Consequences.

“Well done Emily. You have completed the task. You have grabbed the heart of the beast. What is your prize?”

“I want no fear.” said Emily.

“Ok.” replied the God. He lifted his hands and boom, he disappeared.

Emily set off on her journey home and she and her family lived happily ever after.

We now have such good leaders with no fear because Emily has passed down her knowledge through the generations.

By Tarryn Black
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