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The Boy and the Snake

A myth submitted to the site by Taylor Brown

Australia , Australia

Many many years ago in aborigine times there was a boy named Coral. One day he was walking across the desert and he found a magical snake. He said, “Help me out of this sand.”

So Coral helped the snake out of the sand and it slithered out of the sand faster than a cheetah.

Many days later there were many dead bodies of all types of things even people all over the ground. There were snake bites all over the bodies.

Coral spied on a village at night and saw the snake he had freed killing everyone so then Coral decided to kill it by setting the snake on fire.

But first he needed to catch the snake so he came up with and idea to trick it. So he then set up a trap around a local village but it took many days to complete.

First he dug a hole around the village.
Next he put hay, leaves and grass on top of the hole.
Then at night while everyone was asleep the snake fell into the hole. Snake used his magic to get out and it killed everyone in the village. So Coral had another plan. He would go on a journey to see the wise man. It is said that if you give him 3 items you will get the 3 wishes. But there were some obstacles to get the wishes from the wise man.

Coral went to the wise man and asked for his 3 wishes but the wise man said “You must give me a tail of a crocodile, the heart of the yowie yahoo and the head of the vicious Hannah, and then you will get your 3 wishes.”
Coral set out to get the heart of the yowie yahoo first. He knew the yowie yahoo lived in the blood dripping caves so he hopped into the hole that lead to the cave. He then saw something: the skeletons of dead people that had tried to kill the yowie yahoo.

Standing behind him was the yowie yahoo. It had tall ears that were grey, light green glowing eyes, webbed hands and feet with claws sharper than knifes and a cold dry body that had some blood on it. Coral pulled out one of the yowie yahoos claws and ripped out his heart with its own claw and since it was so sharp he decided to use it as a dagger.

Next he was of to get the tail of a crocodile. He found a swamp where he saw a crocodile sleeping. But before the crocodile could say anything coral had sliced his tail off.
After that he had to get the head off the vicious Hannah. So he set out to find the Hannah’s hut in a cave in Mount Annoying. He found the cave and went inside. “Hello?” said Hannah then she put her glasses on and then said “Is anybody here to visit?” Then Hannah took of her glasses thinking she was safe and not knowing that Coral was there to attack her. “WHAM!!!” Coral had cut her head off with the claw of the yowie yahoo.

Coral returned to the wise man and gave him the 3 items he needed, next the wise man said “You have done well!” and he put the 3 items into a caldron and brewed it into 3 wishes. Then the wise old man asked “What is your first wish?” Then coral said “My first wish is to have an enchanted golden sword.”,
“Ok then, what is your next wish?” then Coral said “to be able to fly.”
“ Ok what is your final wish?” Then coral said, “To turn stuff into rock.”
Then the wise old man said thank you for coming then Coral went off to kill the snake. There were only 8 villages left in Australia. Then he went to the biggest one and stayed there until night when the snake came out. When the snake came out Coral grabbed onto the snakes’ tail and the snake started to fly. This got coral off his tail but then Coral flew up and killed him.

They started orbiting the earth and then Coral’s golden sword shined so bright it brought brightness to the world so the days were proper. He knew he was doomed so he made him and the dead snake turn to stone so that’s how we got the moon and sun in the sky.

By Taylor Brown
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