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The Night

A myth submitted to the site by Shona Williamson

Grimsby , England

Before we get started with this story I'd like to say this is true.
OK. So I was walking home - my mum and dad are farmers so I have to walk across the fields to get home. The thing is though as I was walking across the field I could have sworn I saw three pairs of glowing blue eyes... but I knew nobody would trespass my dads fields as we know everybody in the village.

When I got home my mum said I had to go to bed in the spare room as the new kids will be staying in my room. "new kids?" I asked.
"yes darling there from India" she replied

The next day as I was walking to school with the new child I couldn't help but notice that when Maya talked she had great white teeth two were very sharp, and she had big blue eyes, this made me want to get to know her more because of the other night.

"hiiii! Maya I was wondering if you would like to go out in the field tonight?" I asked Maya
"I don't know" she replied "I think me and my mother and father was already going to go."
BANG!!! I knew it I said ok and ran as fast as I could to get home before her but the strange thing was when I got in she was sat on the sofa doing homework.
"how did you get home so quickly?" I wondered
"I went through a short cut!" she very suddenly muffled.

That night some thing woke me very loud noise so I looked out the window that showed off the front of the house. At first I couldn't see a thing and then I saw three figures running faster then I've ever seen in to the field. quickly but quietly I grabbed my coat checked Maya's bedroom and surprise, surprise she was not there.

As I ran into the field I couldn't help but feel like some body or some thing was watching me. I searched the field top to bottom but there was nothing quite like it, nothing like I saw last time.

I woke up the next morning to my mum crying I wondered if they was back so I shouted MAYA!!!!! My mum replied her, her mother and father were killed last night but she didn't know how as the family had been in the house.

As the story drags to its end this is the myth of the night that if you want some thing so badly and you don't get it some thing better happens.

I am now 79 I was 13 when this happened my mum and dad are dead but I still am determined to still live in this home which I do but the main reason of wanting to post this story is that last night and hopefully tonight I got a picture of those glowing blues eyes and I will try my hardest to get my son or grandson, who also was with me, to post a picture with this story as I have not a clue how to do it. I am very grateful for people that read this and you have your own views on weather this is true or not. I know it is my grandson knows it is so its up to you to decide.

By Shona Williamson
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Name: Rimsha 19th October 2013
Wow, it's hard to believe that was true, it freaked me out!
Name: Emma 17th September 2013
This was a good and detailed story, i believe every word of it as something similar has happened to me before. x
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