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Aden and the Magical Dagger

Made up village, Sweden

Long ago in ancient times there once lived a warrior man called Aden the Handsome. All the woman loved him, as he was very beautiful. But Aden was unhappy because he wanted people to love him for his brains!

He lived in a beautiful lush village with a great water supply. One day the river went dry and the villagers asked Aden to go and fine out why the water had stopped. They sent him off with a pick axe and a helmet.

He travel for many days until he found that there was a giant rock, as hard as a diamond, blocking the river. Since the rock was so hard, Aden’s pick axe broke when he struck the rock for the first time. Aden felt very sorry for himself. How was he going to prove that he was more than just a beautiful face, if he couldn’t get rid of the rock?

Suddenly, in a flash of lightening, the God of Power appeared. He gave Aden a magical dagger. Its blade sparkled in the sun. The God said “This dagger can crush anything with one blow, even that rock over there!”

Before Aden could think of anything to say, the God disappeared with a clash of thunder, leaving Aden alone with the rock and the dagger. As Aden was about to strike the rock, a scary creature appeared. It looked like two giant men stuck together and it had wings.

The terrible creature told Aden that he was the one who blocked the water to the village. He said that he had been accidentally made by the God of Power and NOTHING could stop him (accept maybe that magic dagger.) He wanted all the villagers to die because he was an evil monster.

Aden was terrified, but bravely confronted the evil creature. The creature moved with great speed but Aden managed to scratch it on the body a few times. It seemed to weakened and slow the creature until Aden struck it through its forehead and the evil creature landed with a great thud, dead.

After Aden had rested and recovered his strength, he struck the rock with the magical dagger. The rock cracked in half, releasing the river’s water so it could continue flowing to the village.

Later Aden skinned the monster and used the skin and bones to make a pump so that the village never ran out of water again.

Aden returned to the village a hero. The young maidens were so impressed with his brains and strength that they fought over who would marry him. Aden finally made his choice and they loved happily ever after.

To this day near that village in Sweden, you can find the two halves of Aden’s Rock, either side of the river.

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