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The Wolf's Side of the Story

The Woods Of Magical Rainbows, La-la Land

The Wolf's Side of the Story
  • The Wolf's Side of the Story

Once upon a time there lived an old man in the woods. One day he went out to pick some berries, but all of a sudden he heard something from the bushes, so he went to take a look. There he saw a baby wolf. The old man said, "He is so cute." He said that he would raise him as his own. The old man fed him, changed his diapers and gave him love.

During the wolf's teen years he was a troublemaker: he would eat pigs, blow down houses and swallow his teachers, but his father still loved him. Until one day his father got very sick. The wolf was devastated, he ask his father if there was anything he could do. The father replied, "Son, I love you with all my heart and all I wish for is a batch of cookies and a beautiful wife."

So the wolf set out on his quest to find a beautiful wife and a batch of cookies. The wolf thought, "Where can I find cookies and a beautiful woman?" Just then he heard singing coming from the side of the road, so he went to take a look. There he saw a girl with a red hood on. The wolf smelled cookies and he thought, "Maybe I can ask the girl for some cookies." The wolf was a shy person and didn't have many friends so, when he would walk up to her, he would run to the side of the road and hide. The girl would turn around and no one was there! Then the wolf finally had the courage to walk up to the girl, so he slowly walked up to the girl. Then he looked her in the face and said, ”Hi, may I have some some cookies?” The girl screamed and ran off.

The wolf said, “What did I do wrong did I have something on my face?” So the wolf kept walking. He wandered off deep in the forest and got lost, but then he saw a small pink house and decided to knock and ask for directions. The wolf went up to the door and knocked. The wolf waited a few minutes and just as he was about to leave an old lady opened the door. The woman had silky grey hair and beautiful blue eyes. She asked, “Yes how may I help you?”
The wolf thought maybe she can be my dad's wife, so the wolf said, ”Hey, you single?”
The old lady said, “Yes, just wait one second and let me get my glasses so I can see this handsome man.”
The wolf was glad that he had found a woman that his father could marry. When the lady came back she said, ”Ok lets see this handsome man.” The lady looked up and saw a wolf - she screamed and ran as fast as she could. Then she came back with a shotgun on her hands, so he swallowed her whole.

The wolf felt very bad about this because he thought that she could have been his father's wife. Then the wolf heard that singing again and he thought, “Oh no, it's probably that girl again." So he said, “I have to hide, but what about the grandma?” So he decided to dress up like the grandma. He put on a nightgown, her glasses and her hat and went to lay down on the bed.

A few minutes later he heard a knock on the door. He said, "Come in."
The person replied “Ok grandma.”
Its probably the girl in the red hoodie.
The girl asked “Where are you grandma?”
The wolf replied, “I'm in my room dear.”
The girl walked in and she said, “Wow grandma what big ears you have.”
”They help me hear better,” replied the wolf.
”Wow grandma what big eyes you have,” said the girl.
”They help me see better,” said the wolf.
”Wow grandma what a big nose you have,” said the girl.
”It helps me smell better,” said the wolf with a nervous grin.
”And wow grandma what sharp teeth you have,” said the girl.
”They help me chew better,” said the wolf very scared.
”You're not my grandma,” said the girl. Then she screamed “You're a wolf you're a wolf!”
The wolf said, “What are you talking about, I’m your grandma.”
The girl shouted “Help help help!” Just then came a lumberjack and said, “Go away wolf.” The wolf tried saying Ok, but he was too scared.
The lumberjack said “OK you don't want to leave then die.”
The lumberjack swung his axe with all his might. “BLAM.” He killed the wolf.

So now if you think the wolf was the bad guy he was actually the good guy. All he wanted to do was help his father.


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Showcase story administrator comments

There are interesting opportunities in looking at a well known tale from the angle of a different character in the story. This is a good example of that, using Red Riding Hood. The author gives us the wolf's story with some satirical humour, and a lot of attention to detail. Well worth the read, it also has an important, implicit moral.

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I loved this. I gave me some sort of idea for my legend 10th September 2019
funny 8th August 2019
thats a good story, its refreshing to see this story from a different point of view.
Very well done, very enjoyable!
31st July 2019
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