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The Jam Maker and the Wizard

Deventer, Holland

The Jam Maker and the Wizard
  • The Jam Maker and the Wizard

Once upon a time there was a Jam Maker called Hannie. Her jam was world renowned for its delicious sweetness that people used to come daily from everywhere to buy her jam. She made jam in various flavours like apricot, peach, strawberry, blueberry and many others, and because of that Hannie used to brag a lot that she was the best and not even a wizard could invoke a better jam with his magic.

Once the town wizard heard of this, he became very angry. He took the form of a boy who needed to pick up jam for his mother. At her house, he pretended to be impressed by her and said, “Is it true that you said that you are better than a wizard?”
Hannie lifted her eye brows and said arrogantly, “of course it is.”
The wizard said ,”Don’t brag so much, if the wizard heard he will be angry.”
Hannie said, “I can brag all I want and I’m not afraid of him. I bet the wizard can’t even beat me”.
The wizard showed his true form and challenged Hannie to see who could make the best jam.

Everyone in the town gathered to watch them compete. The wizard had only a regular jar while Hannie had lots of equipment like her jar lifting tong, lid, jar ,etc. When they started the competition, the wizard finished at a snap of a finger while Hannie was still crushing the fruits. The jam tester would only arrive by the next day once she had finished it.
The next day they were waiting for the judge to choose a winner. Though he believed in himself, the wizard knew that losing would mean embarrassment for him.
After tasting their jams, the judges decided on the winner; Hannie.
She said, “Even if I turn a donkey into jam it would still taste better that your jam".

This made the wizard very angry. He cast a spell to make her feel guilty for her rudeness and arrogance. It was too much that Hannie could not handle the shame she felt, so she went to a nearby forest and drowned herself in the river.
The wizard had not expected her to feel so much shame that she would take her own life. Feeling sorry for her, he brought her to life. Since the amount of magic he could use to bring someone to life was small, he had to transform her to a smaller creature. He shrunk her size and gave her shorter yet more hair with strands of yellow and black until she became a small little bee.

Now you can still see descendants of Hannie today, going about their work, bringing more sweetness to the world.

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Showcase story administrator comments

A well written story inspired by Arachne the Spinner. It cleverly keeps close to the storyline and morals of the original, whilst making it very much the author's own.

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