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The Mystery of Fog

Wolverhampton, West Midlands, England

What is it? It comes from above, all goes quiet and people vanish! Apparently it’s called fog. Although, most people don’t know what it means. According to legend it is a curse from the evil devil.

Centuries ago, when Romans were still ruling the world, when science was far into the future, elusions troubled the mind of so many people and made people believe in the unbelievable. James, a dazzling warrior, was curious about the “fog” unlike the other people he wanted to find out what caused these terrible incidents of terror, he decided to find the truth behind these attacks. He was to set off on his journey with only these few items to help him: A sharp dazzling blade; the strongest bow in the world; 1 extremely powerful arrow and his only clue. As followed – A powerful beast controls all weather, there’s no end to his RAIN of terror.One shot to his head would send him sleeping just like in bed, an enchanted arrow is needed. What did this mean…?

According to the towns people only one master could answer this riddle, he was Merlin the magician controller of all magic! This caused a massive problem for James as the only way to his tower was through the roman castle, if he were to try he would almost defiantly be killed. There was one answer which he took, through the dark, stinking and gloomy dungeon below the castle. He then set off to go and find Merlin. This was not at all safe or an easy task as it would take great patients and time to make it safely through the dungeon. He set off in hope of a safe journey of quite speed (this was a very unlikely task)

The first problem he found heading to the dungeon is that there was an extremely big desert with a lack of water and food and there was a great risk of being injured or even killed by the vicious animals! James was optimistic and continued heading through this death desert even at such a high risk of death. He began. He passed: half demolished buildings; tall, wide and spiky plants; swamps and worst of all dangerous animals.

He reached the first obstacle he was to pass, the sinking sand other wise known as the swamp. This was quite a difficult task as there was no way around. All he could see was a few trees and some reeds. Then he remembers he had his bow and arrow, and that the reeds could be made into rope to be shot across the swamp and climb. He tugged at some reeds from the side of the swamp, at a tough pull he managed to remove two of them, he then could twist these into rope. He had made the rope and tied it to the feathered side of his arrow and shot it across barley hitting the opposite tree he aimed for. He grabbed a hand full of the swamp tar and rubbed it over his hands giving him more grip; He took hold of the rope and tied it around the tree near him. One by one he slowly but surly moved across the swamp to the other end.

He had successfully made it across the bubble gurgling swamp without getting injured or stuck. With one glimpse ahead into the far distant he knew it would be difficult. The view of miles of bare sand and sand bags on a hill gave him the impression that this was the roman battle line. He walked on ,now able to see that the sand bags were indeed a roman battle line, he would have to make a move around the outside of their position. For James this was no problem as he was a dazzling warrior. Jack made his move and within no time he was behind the Romans and ready to proceed on his quest. Now came the tricky part.

The castle was now in sight; James was now able to see how difficult it would be getting into the dungeon as the entrance was on the foot of the castle, still jack remained optimistic. James would have to sneak to the foot of the castle undetected and pick the lock on the dungeon door as it was hugely guarded and was the only way past the castle. James remembered that he still had the arrow and rope and would be able to shoot it to the high, risky and well defended castle. James took his chances shooting the arrow at the top of the castle “it worked!” With speed James climbed along the rope towards the caste and falling directly on top of the brown , locked and creepy trapdoor smashing it inwards .

Rats and rats! Rodents every where, scattering through the dungeon.
Rats were nothing compared to the skill and optimistic of James. He walked past them as if they weren’t there, would you do the same? “Roar!” James, turning around, was alarmed by what he had just heard and quickly hid in a nearby doorway. Emerging, from what looked to be a maze, was a tall, half man half ox, Minotaur! “Who dares awake the guardians of this dungeon?” roared the Minotaur
“Ha ha must be meeeee” James, with a burst of speed, ran past the Minotaur hitting it with his sword as he passed it “Roar! I’ll get you for this” well, a maze? Jack didn’t think so he just headed straight finding an old, worn and short rope hanging from the dungeon entrance. He decided to climb it…

“Hey, get him!”

As James emerged from the dungeon he was spotted by several roman solders! How was he to escape? He pulled out his sword and with a bang they began to fight! James struck one of the solders with his sword and then ran; There was no other way well at least that’s what he thought. In the distance James could see the tower apparently occupied by Merlin the magician this was his one chance to find out what that riddle really meant. Knock knock! James knocked on Merlin’s old and creaky door. “Come on in” called a voice from the top floor of the tower. James, with a slight worried feeling, opened the door and climbed the several flights of stairs until he finally reached Merlin. “Ur well I was told you were good at riddles and I was hoping that could explain mine?” stuttered James
“Well ok but this better be worth it!” replied Merlin with a sigh.
“It means… Merlin explained it to James and within a few minutes James understood. (I’m sure you can work it out by yourself)

James thought to his self, oh great I have to go back to the dungeon and kill that Minotaur for once could this be easy? Well at least for this time it couldn’t be easy so James set off with his enchanted arrow. (That he had acquired from Merlin.) At least getting into the dungeon would be easier as the guards had all moved from there post in search for James, little did they know that he had gone too. James reached the rope and with one big jump he entered the dungeon with a bang the trapdoor closed behind him. Now there was no escaping the only way was to kill this terrifying monster! “There he is” Whispered James to his self. He held his bow, equipped his arrow, drew back his hand and with one powerful movement released the arrow sending it spinning and twirling into the Minotaur’s throat. “Roar!” The Minotaur roared with anger as he lay on the floor in pain that was the last time he’d see the light, it was over!!!

James had proved he was the best warrior in the whole of the world and returned to his town to share the happiness. James shouted as he arrived in the town “I’ve done it!!!” the town people cheered as he entered the village and they celebrated. From now on fog never took people, science was found although through out the world people still believe in the unbelievable! Do you?

James Hebberts

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