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The Soul Sucker

A myth submitted to the site by John Fredricks

London, England

Death and worries is what he eats,
Sorrows and sadness is what he drinks,
Never shall you go outside,
And in the shadows blind,
You her him in whispers inside your head,
You feel him among the dead,
And when your time is done,
The soul sucker will come...

This is not a story, this is all fact. This is from a diary of a man called Albert Lemson. He was a reporter for a newspaper in London. He worked for the strange part of the newspaper that you may not find much of them these days but in his time they were quite popular. He had recently been trying to dig up some news on several disappearances in the north of the city. Here is his last diary entry found later that year: (Only some of the diary will be shown as he had a private life of his own)

14th, October, 1938:

"The terrifying beast floated it's way into the room. The beast's Gray, rotting skin made it look like that of a carcass from hell itself; there were spiky bones with rotting flesh hanging from them on it's back, it had no legs so it floated through the air instead as if it were swimming through water as easily as a fish and the skeletal arms were just bones with the fingers just sharp claw-like-nails; the face was like some sort of creature of all the nightmares in the world glued together to make one horrific horror-it was a creature of all nightmares in the world glued together to make one horrific horror! The mouth was more of an octopus's mouth than a humans. It had rows of teeth going round in circles but there was a beak in the middle of it. The nose was just slits like that of a snakes. It had no eyes, but just sockets of pure blackness with some sort of mould growing near the edges which made the sockets still extremely black, but with a tiny bit of Gray here and there. Then came a sort of deep rattling sound like when you shake a baby’s rattle. It sounded like it was coming through the mouth and out of the eyes but on the way it hit something and made it sound strange and eerie."

Now soon after this entry back at his house after escaping from it, Albert disappeared. A large search party went up and down, left to right, corner to corner of London to find the reporter. Nothing was found to lead anything to Albert's disappearance apart from the diary.

So if you are clever then you will know to stay out of the shadow as you can see from the 11th century poem about the 'Soul Sucker' which I found in my studies. The 'Soul Sucker' is not human or alien or actully there, but he is real, please, stay out of the shadows and if you hear a rattling noise then run, and then keep running forever and if you don't, then you will be just another of the 'soul Sucker's' victims...
Signed John Fredricks, reporter on cryptozooolgy.

By John Fredricks
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Name: Trinity 11th December 2014
the story was great but why do you think the soul sucker is like a rotting corpse do you think its been like that forever?
Name: Sharon Shokan 9th November 2013
Name: John Fredricks 29th October 2013
Thank you for reading this Heather and Toby, but I did not 'think of this', I found Albert Lemsons diary and wrote about it so the world knows to be careful.
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