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Maybe it's Maybelline

A myth submitted to the site by Hope

Athens, , Greece

Maybe it's Maybellineí ˝

Long ago, in Ancient Greece, specifically Athens. There were 3 young adults: Xandra, Alexander, and Cassandra. Alexander was in love with Xandra, because she was the most beautiful woman in Athens. But Cassandra was best friends with the love goddess, Aphrodite.

Cassandra was jealous, because she loved Alexander but she was not as pretty as her. Xandra was a tall dark woman with long, dark, shiny hair and dark brown eyes. She had much natural beauty. Alexander was very big and muscular, almost like a god himself, with brown shaggy hair and green eyes. Then there was Cassandra, who had light blonde hair that was always in messy curls and she had big blue eyes. She was not very attractive though, at least not the way Xandra was. She went to Aphrodite so she could tell her her problem. She said,

"Aphrodite, is there any thing you can do to make me more beautiful than Xandra? I want Alexander for myself."

Aphrodite thought and thought. Then she thought, "My face is what make people attracted to me." She decided she would change Cassandra's face. "But how?" Aphrodite thought to herself. "Well, what makes me pretty?" She questioned Cassandra.

"Well your eyes and your lips especially," Cassandra answered.

"Ok, so I'll change your eyes and lips. I could also fix your hair and give you one of my dresses to wear." The goddess took Cassandra to the river on Mount Olympus and bathed her. She used all of her things on her, so her hair dried in perfect, shiny, soft curls. "Now I'll go look for something to stain your lip with." She came back with some berries. She had to figure out what to do to the berries to make them applicable. "I'll smash them into a paste, perfect!" Aphrodite said with joy. She gestured Cassandra over to her.

Cassandra sat in front of the goddess. Then she applied a little to the top and bottom lips. Then she spread it and marveled at her creation.

"It really helps!" Aphrodite squealed. "Now what can I do with your eyes?" Aphrodite thought. I could make your eyes pop with some colors. "I'll put some gold dust on your eyelids!" She said, feeling brilliant. She went back to her castle to get some of the shiny dust.

She came back, sat down, and softly spread it on. Her eyelids. It looked absolutely perfect! She was very happy with the result but she thought it needed something more.

"You have long, beautiful eyelashes!" She stated. "I could put something on them to make them stand out. Tar!" Aphrodite declared. She went to get a jar of tar and a brush to put it on with. She came back and put it on Cassandra's eyelashes. It looked stunning! Then she had another idea. She got a thin brush and spread the liquid on the top of her lashes, then the bottom. Perfect.

Her blue eyes were standing out like the blue skies and her plump colored lips looked amazing.

"Surly Alexander will love me now!" Cassandra exclaimed as she examined herself in a mirror the goddess had brought. Aphrodite beamed like a mother who's children were graduating. She loved it.

"You look like you could be the goddess of beauty now!" Aphrodite stated. "And men always love blondes." Aphrodite winked.

"Let's go get you one of my dresses now," the goddess said as she gestured Cassandra to her closet.

"Wow, I didn't know a girl could have so many dresses," Cassandra marveled. "Can I chose whatever one i like?"

"Of course, what are friends for?" The goddess joked. "I was thinking this one though!" She pulled out a long lavender dress, one like the goddesses wear. It was rimmed with gold and came with a gold sash.

"It's the most beautiful dress I've ever seen in my entire life! Would you really give this to me?" Cassandra asked.

"Of course, it's yours. Go try it on, I want to see it on you!" The love goddess said. Cassandra put the dress on and walked out of the closet into the bedroom. She looked so beautiful Aphrodite couldn't even speak.

"Don't just stand there, go get your man!" Aphrodite said encouragingly.

"Thank you so much, Aphrodite!" Cassandra said as she stated back to the town were her love was. When Alexander saw her he was speechless. She looked like the most beautiful woman he ever saw. All was well they were having a conversation over dinner. Then Xandra walked up, and her eyes immediately went to them. She swelled up with rage.

"How could you just leave me for Cassandra?" Xandra wailed. Then Cassandra turned around and Xandra gasped. "You've... Changed..." Xandra said quietly.

"I'm so sorry Xandra, but I love Cassandra now," Alexander said apologetically.

"That's ok, I never knew she was so beautiful. You deserve her..." Xandra said with a smile.

"Xandra, I'm impressed about how you acted, you have such natural beauty that you don't need this stuff. But I'm going to let you talk to Aphrodite and she will grant you a wish." Cassandra explained.

"Really!" Xandra leaned in to hug her, "I can't believe you would do that for me!"
So they hiked up Mount Olympus and hot to Aphrodite's palace. Cassandra went to meet Aphrodite and introduce Xandra.

"She has impressed me with her attitude, could you grand her a wish?" Cassandra asked the goddess.

"Of course! What do you wish for?" Aphrodite asked.

"We'll I've always wanted a husband and a family..." Xandra said. "I've never been able to have children."

"Then you will have children and a husband," Aphrodite declared. Cassandra thanked Aphrodite once again and they went back down to Athens. Cassandra and Alexander got married that same week. And Xandra found a husband and they got married too. Both women had children and they worked together making a living out of selling the beauty produces that Aphrodite made more of and gave to her. She soon became rich and was known as the most beautiful woman in Greece.

Please no copy write... :D thanks

By Hope
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