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Zeus a Greek God

A myth submitted to the site by Tyler

Greece , Greece

Zeus was the Greek god that ruled over all the other gods. He overthrew his father so that he could become the king over all the other gods. He had to draw sticks with his brothers to decide witch part of the kingdom they would get. He got mount Olympus and his other brothers got the under world and the oceans.

He and his wife did not have a very good relationship with each other. He couldn't stop looking at other girls and his wife liked another god. His brothers would be blamed if a hurricane or storm happened because he was the god of lightning and his other brother was the god of the sea and so that why people would blame them if a storm happened. His brother Hades was the god of the under world so that's were people would go when they would die so people would blame them if they had someone in there family that died.

Zeus is in a lot of myths and he is a main character in most of them too. He has created a lot of other gods to some came out of his head some and some he just created to fit the needs and places he needed. Zeus did not want man to have fire so he would not let one of the gods give people fire. He also had to kill Apollos son because he was destroying the earth, so he took out a lightning bolt the biggest one he had and he killed apollos son and Apollo was very sad and so was his mom. So Zeus turned the kids mom and daughter into a tree because they wouldn't stop weeping.

When one god gave man fire Zeus put the god on a cross and let vultures eat his stomach and he could not die so he had to repeat the process over and over again until one of the strongest mortals came and freed him from his punishment. He also became a god one day in that story. Zeus is one of the most powerful gods and he could not be overthrew from his thrown any time soon.

By Tyler
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Name: Libby 19th July 2014
*Please check your spelling and punctuation. (EG. Witch should be which, Apollos son should be Apollo's son).
*Modern terms shouldn't be used in mythology. (EG. Mom should be mother, liked should be longed for, or gazed upon, kid's should be child's, etc).
*Underworld is one word, and it has a capital because it is a place, therefore a proper noun, which always have a capital. Same with 'Earth', as it is a planet, and a place.
*Prometheus was the god who gave humans fire. He was actually a Titan, and though they were gods, most of them were driven away, by Zeus and his siblings, who were then known as 'the gods' and Titans were literally known as Titans.
*Zeus' brothers were Hades, god of the Underworld and Poseidon, god of the sea.

I really like your retelling. Don't think I'm being too critical, I'm just a mythology geek, and I'm nearly finished with a history project about the different retellings of various myths.
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