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The Creation of the Book

A myth submitted to the site by Lequishanisha Gurl

Ancient Greece

Athena, goddess of wisdom, loved writing down her feelings. Like how her day went or if any bad stuff had happened. It helped her get her anger out, without hurting anyone of course. She liked to call it a "diary", which means, "to keep records of experience".

One day, Zeus, god of the gods, and his daughter, Athena, were talking about how she was born. It wasn't exactly normal... I'll tell you a little about it.

Metis was pregnant with Athena. Zeus was told he would have a son that would be a severe threat to Zeus, so he decided to eat Metis to protect the kingdom.

Weird right?

About nine months later Zeus felt pain in his head. He went and told Hephaestus to comfort him. Hephaestus did as Zeus told and chopped Zeus' head in two with an axe, without hurting him. Suddenly Athena sprang out of Zeus' head. She was a grown women in armor. She was yelling battle cries.

That's the story of Athena being born... Now back to the story.

Athena thought that was really queer, but a little neat.

"Is that true?" Athena said flabbergasted, "or are you just pushing my buttons?"

"Completely true," replied Zeus, a little shocked she didn't believe him.

She desperately wanted people to know about the gods and her story. That night she couldn't stand it, she had to write it down. She was up all night writing about her story and about the gods. When she finished, one thirty-four read the clock. 206 pages, she was proud of her work.

"Zeus! Zeus! Look what I wrote!" Yelled Athena.

Zeus slowly read her writing. He looked mad, sad, confused? Athena couldn't tell. As he read she got a little nervous he would disapprove. Sweat rolled down her forehead.

"It's..." Zeus spoke, but stopping like he didn't want to say it, "was pretty good."

"Yay!" Screamed Athena, "I wanna call it a book, which means... a written work of pages."

The rest of the day Athena was writing non-stop. She was writing her book over and over. She lost count of time and ended up writing for five hours! She counted twenty-nine copies! She finished up her last copy and told everyone in Greece. She gave fifth-teen copies to some of the gods of Greece. She went back to her home and screamed out of joy. Everyone had loved her book. She was happier than a camel on hump-day. (HUMP DAYYYYYYY) She wanted to keep at least one of her story's so she could look at it later.

Later that night Athena got bored, so she drew a picture of a brain to go with the book. She titled it, Goddess of Wisdom. (by: the goddess of wisdom)

The next morning she went down to a little city on earth with the normal people. She gave the fourteen books left to random people in the city. They were all amazed finding out about gods and where she came from. She got many questions from them.

"Are there more than one gods?"

"Is this real?"

"Where do you live?"

"Who's Zeus?"

Athena tried to answer them all but it was hard to keep up with everything. One question though, started a big commotion.

"Did you create this masterpiece?"

"Yes, it is a true story and I did write it myself," said Athena trying to keep calm with everyone surrounding her.

"What is your name? What do you call this?"

"Athena, and a book, meaning a written work of pages, "

"Athena! The creator of this... this book! We must worship these... gods, for they are wonderful and mysterious creatures!"

Athena's checks heated up with all the attention. She had never been this appreciated before. She loved it! Athena wanted to write more stories about her life.

"A-the-na! A-the-na! A-the-na!" Everyone cheered.

A little boy no younger than maybe six stood up on his moms shoulders, and shouted as loud as his little body could take, "Everybody listen please!" A hush fell over the crowd as he spoke, "We need a name for our city, do we not? So why not name our city after Athena? We should name it Athens in honor of her!"

Everyone cheered in agreement. Athena felt like she was in a dream. Like she was floating away on a cloud. Like she was a feather in the wind. It was the best feeling ever. She didn't want it to end... ever.

By Lequishanisha Gurl
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