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How Orion's Belt came to be

Greece in 1,200 bc , America

Long, long ago in Greece, about 1,200 B.C. There was a man and his name was Zeus, he was the god of gods. He had just started dating Hera. She was the goddess of marriage and child birth.

One day he had just woke up when he dialed her number and called but the call went straight to voice mail. When he gazed upon his kingdom he saw her in another mans arms his name was Orion. He was filled with rage. He quickly grabbed his slippers and ran as fast as lighting to them .when he got there he said "get your nasty paws off my girl"
Then Orion said " your girl whaaah." Then they got into a huge argument about who's girl Hera was.

Later that night after Zeus was asleep. Orion woke Hera from Her slumber and said "it's time to go " then they ran away to a far away land (the island of Crete). When Zeus woke up this time he called out the window for Hera but she did not answer back again. This time when he looked out his window he did not see her she was gone.

He searched and searched and when he finally found her on the island of Crete with Orion he was infuriated. He grabbed her by the arm and said watch out. Then he hurled a lighting bolt at Orion and killed him thus sending Orion's Belt into the sky. From then on Hera gazed into the night sky and looked at Orin's belt every night. And that's how Orion's Belt was formed.

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