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Theauses and the Cerberus

A myth submitted to the site by Kabir Hirani

Jim Corbett, India

One day Theauses the Greek hero & his crew were traveling country to country in their ship when they reached a dark island. They thought they should stop over there for a day to rest. But as they were approaching the island it started to become foggy. Theasuses & his crew could not see anything due to the fog & in before they could realize, their ship hit the rocky island & broke into many pieces. Everyone fell off the ship into the sea & only Theauses & three of his crew members were saved.

Injured, tired & hungry they went in search of some food. On the way they sighted & could hear animal voices coming from within. Thinking their could be a animal which they could hunt & eat they decided to enter the cave. Inside the cave it was dark & damp. They started to walk very slowly. Theauses walked in a direction different from that of the other crew as it was very dark. The crew members were holding each others hands & continued to explore the cave. Suddenly, the three headed monster Cerberus appeared from nowhere & eat them up within no time.

Theauses could hear a snapping sound. He turned around & started to walk in the direction of the sound. He went closer to the sound he saw the monster eating his crew members. Theauses took out his sword & slayed the monsters middle head. As the monster fell down it started to shrink & then vanished. As Theauses ran out of the cave he saw some of his crew members waiting for him with a raft. They told Theauses that they were saved when the ship hit the rock as they got throw off into the jungle & were saved because of the bushy grass. Theauses & his men then sailed back to another country & continued to explore.

By Kabir Hirani
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