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Why do People need to Wear Shoes?

A myth submitted to the site by Abby

Long long time ago, in a far far away country, MAQUISONA. No one knows actually where it was, but this story had truly happened. In this period, people usually didn’t need to wear shoes, so that is, they walked barefoot. Everyone in MAQUISONA enjoyed this feeling, for them, it was like a connection between their King, the controller of the whole world.

Their king, AMANAZEWE, had said that he was born in the upper world, the place where gods lived. So he could predict everything, he could talk to each specie by using his eyes. Oh, yes, he wasn’t look like human, hmm; he had twelve hands, ten eyes, three large ears, but no mouth and his body shaped like a box. Also, he is almost five meter height. (For human, they were only one meter.) In addition, he told the people that if they obey all his orders, he could save their lives to the upper world, vice versa, if they destroy any rule, he would take revenge on them.

Day after day, people kept follow what their king AMANAZEWE had said. Yes, they really had comfortable life, abundant food, clean water…etc. however, their life had totally changed to opposite aspect, when a girl born. Her name was Pipiyala, a child of a farmer. Some people said she was the messenger of evil because she was the most beautiful creature that ever occurred in the world. Even when every creature walked by, they couldn’t control themselves to stop looking at her. All the men in MAQUISONA wanted to marry her including their king, AMANAZEWE.

From that day, men stop working, they just fighting and killing each one in order to own Pipiyala’s heart. At the same time, women started hating Pipiyala because of her, their happiness was gone. The whole society started like a chaos. Everything lost its usual way. Birds stop singing, water stop flowing, crops stop growing, and even sun stop shining. One day, a angel came down, he accused to Pipiyala that she had the responsibility to return the world to normal. And the only solution is that she had to die. When Pipiyala heard that she was really scared, was she the murderer. Then, she fell down from waterfall.

But this was not the end, when AMANAZEWE knew this terrible news, he got crazy. He killed all the women in MAQUISONA to take his revenge. Every road, street, and whatever was covered by their blood. You couldn’t see any other colors except RED. Maybe it was a warning of the God, from that time, all the territories in MAQUISONA became hotter and hotter. No one could live like before.

Therefore, human start to wear shoes to protect and also, to remain what happen before.

By Abby
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