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Why it is Always Cold in the South Pole?

A myth submitted to the site by Annie

Many million years ago, there was a country located in the South Pole. The lives there were difficult because the land was dry and the weather was extremely hot every day. There was only one source to get some fresh water; that was a little magic well. In the well lived a god named Powra and he could connect with the king of the country to tell someone to get water from the well.

It was a hard trip to get water because of the bad weather conditions; therefore, the kindest god in the world, Powra, gave a bottle of magic water to the king and told him the weather would become more balanced if the king dropped one drop of the magic power on the land. Since then, the weather in the South Pole became better and the land became fertile. The country was full of happiness and peace.

Unfortunately, the king died few years later. That was a huge grief for the people in the country and people would not forget the king; however, they still needed a new king. The old king had two sons and their names were Stu and Pid. Both Stu and Pid wanted to be a new king; therefore, they asked the well god, Powra, to decide who would be the better choice to become a new king. Powra said the one who owned the magic water could be the new king.

Due to Powra’s words, Stu and Pid fought for the magic water for three days and nights. They fought beside the well and fought on the streets. They fought in front of the god and in front of people. They ignored everything that happened around them. Finally, they fought in the palace. Stu got the magic water but suddenly, Pid tried to grab it too. The little bottle dropped to the floor, and all of the magic water exuded from it. It was a disaster! The power of the water suddenly increased to the maximum. Everything died in a moment. The land became frozen forever. Since then, there were no human and countries in the South Pole and the South Pole became the coldest place in the world.

By Annie
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