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Why Do Humans Only Had a Limited Life Span?

When time began, three species lived in harmony, the Gods in Heaven, the Humans of Middle Earth, and the Demons of the underworld. Power was divided among them so that no one kind could dominate the other. The Gods govern where the sun could reach, all the creatures of day and the activities of life. The Demons took over when the night fell, with everything under the silver moon light within its realm, and of course the Demons held in their clawed hands the judgment of death. Humans of the Middle Earth look over the land day and night, they execute the God’s and the Demon’s will, balancing in between, making sure every order made sense and that neither race crossed over to the other’s realm.

This great Triangle of Balance held firm for thousands of years, but possessing the same immortality as the Gods and Demons, the Human’s greed began to dominate their minds. The Humans had became tired of taking orders from the other two races, some even believe that with their sheer number, the Humans would be able to overwhelm the Gods and Demons and call themselves ruler of the Earth. This dangerous thought slowly transformed those who held it close; the Darkness, a substance that have existed before time itself began, slowly crept into their hearts, their body, and their minds; bending it, reforming it, and twisting it. The result was the Shadow, the form of Human took over by the Darkness, all they crave was blood to feed their blades and souls to fill their undying hunger.

The Shadow swept like a great tornado where ever it went, destroying everything in its path, corrupting every Human being it touched into a newly formed Shadow. With no time, the vast lands of Middle Earth had slowly waned, the Darkness could be seen everywhere one set his eyes on. Desperate that Middle Earth would soon fall and that the extinction of Humanity was close at hand, the King himself went to the Great Temple and repented for Humanity’s mistake, he pleaded the Gods and the Demons to rise up against the Darkness, and promised Humanity would gladly accept whatever punishment awaits.

The Gods and Demons agreed to help fight the Shadows, but warned that the Darkness itself could not be eliminated, as long as there is still greed, hatred, and jealousy on Earth, the Darkness would not die. And to prevent another great outbreak, the Gods and Demons took away the Human’s immortality, letting the ever growing greed within the Humans die as its host did, and replace them with newly born Human beings.

So began the Week under Fire, bolts of lightning rained down from the Heavens, blossoms of hellfire engulf the land, seven days, the Earth burned, but on the eighth, the lightning stopped and the fire retreated, leaving a scorched wasteland for the Humans to rebuild. With everything gone, the Humans have to rebuild their civilization from scratch, and so they did, generation after generation, they slowly rebuilt the once glorious kingdom of Middle Earth.

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