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How the Rainbow Came to Be

Las Cruces, New Mexico, U.S.A

Once upon a time there was a village called Las Cruces, it was located in the country of the united states. It was a beautiful place, and many magical things lived there. There were princesses and princes, there were unicorns and fairies, and many other things that you don’t see now. At this place our story begins.

Las Cruces was a beautiful place and every person that lived near or far would visit here. Well it had all beautiful things except colors, it was always dull and gray or black and white and that was the only problem. No one noticed there was no color except for two people who found out when they ate a weird tasting fruit. They noticed and went on a long journey to find some color to add to their beautiful home.

Their journey wasn’t going out so well. First they ran into police every time they tried to enter a city, they started running. They finally went far enough that they became very tired and weary and needed to rest. They stopped and went to a hotel to rest from their long journey. As they were walking by this one group of people they were over hearing their conversation, they were talking about a city that was full of something called colors and so the people listened carefully. They found out that if they go to a specific city they can earn color in their city but it was dangerous so they started thinking of their own ways on how to do what that other city did.

They went to their room and started writing down ideas for this color our city plan. The next morning sooner or later not knowing they were just steps away from the city of colors! They didn’t quite act excited though, they went that way to see ideas of how they could have done it. They didn’t know they were fighting but they were and a little bag flew at them from the city of colors. It was a bag of candy except it was something they had never seen before! it was a colored bag of candy! They were so happy that they went into the city.

When they got home they started fighting over who would get the bag of this candy, and during the argument one of them spelled out what the bag said because they didn’t know how to read quite yet. It spelled this S-K-I-T-T-L-E-S it was a multi-colored candy with an amazing flavor when they tasted one each. They continued their argument to where sooner or later the bag ripped open! The little candies flew everywhere! They landed into little holes that were dug up, later they were covered back up by the farmers. They landed in this odd color order Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Purple. It was weird to the people.

There were many storm watches for the next few days and it went on for 5 days in a row. The two people picked the fruits they ate and had every one eat them so they could all see the dullness in their city. Everyone was too busy coming up with ideas to add color to their beautiful land to notice that there is are these little colors sprouting out of the ground where the skittles landed. This went on for weeks until one day the growing colors grew next to each other and grew so big that sooner or later they started to look like an upside down U.

The people were so amazed and it was so beautiful and people started to come more and it added so much color and the two people who caused it to happen got to name it and they called it the Rainbow. So now every time it rains this beautiful colorful item that came to be appears in the sky if you just look out your window one day youll see.

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