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The Legend of the Goldfish

A myth submitted to the site by Kirsten Daphne G. Oller

Bolaney, Alaminos city, Pangasinan, Philiphines

Once upon a time in a faraway land there live a rich but selfish king, he wanted nobody to be richer and greater than him, the law of the king said that “everyone in his kingdom who is greater and richer than him shall die”.

One day, one of his servants has some bad news, the servant told the king “My King I ‘am afraid I’d got some bad news, one of your people is greater and richer than you”. The king was shocked of what he had heard and he said “bring him in my palace, and get the greatest guards and there greatest weapons, the rich man shall die”. When the rich man arrived the king said “State your name”, and the rich man said “My name is Jason” said the rich man.

Before the great guards could kill Jason, the king shouted “STOP, before you kill Jason, get me all his money and gold” “ Do you have enough money and gold” said Jason. The king was shocked because nobody had spoken to him like that, even once and he said: I am born to have allot of money, and you have no rights to talk to me like that, I am the king, and who do you think you are” added the king, and Jason said: I ‘am the lord of kindness” “I came to this kingdom because I heard you were selfish, rude and unkind” added Jason. The king cannot say a word, he was curious, very curious, Jason had nothing to do but to curse him, Jason turned the king to a fish made of gold, from that day on, the people called the fish the great “goldfish”

The End…

By Kirsten Daphne G. Oller
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