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The Kracken

A myth submitted to the site by Tom Wood

Olympus, Greece

Once in a far away land there was a young boy called Maximus. There was a King called King Minas. This King wanted to force Maximus' mam to marry him but didn't like Maximus. Maximus also did not like the King very much. King Minas sent Maximus to kill a dangerous Krakken who could turn people into stone. "Bring me his head" said the King. The king thought Maximus would not return and he would be free to marry his mother. Maximus knew that the Krackens head would help him defeat the King.

But Maximus knew he could not defeat the strong Kracken alone so went to Mount Olympus to get help. This is where the great God Zeus lives. Zeus gave Maximus a sword of lightning, a shield of invincibility and some armour. He also gave him some boots of swiftness to give Maximus super speed.

With these weapons Maximus set off to defeat the beast.
Maximus had to sail a boat to reach the Krackens land. It took a long time but finally he reached the land of Creek and found the kracken at the cliffs. He put on the boots of swiftness and zoomed onto the beasts head. He used the sword of lightning to cut off the beasts head.

He sailed back to Greece and showed the King the Kracken's head and King Minas turned into stone. Maximus had saved his mother from being married to the evil King.

The end

By Tom Wood
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